До какого века можно построить родословное древо?

Formally, in the 12th century in Russia recorded First … the first recorded document on private land ownership This deed Anthony the Roman But it certainly does not mean that any pedigree can bring to the 12th century, according to the documents For different classes are different borders For peasant pedigree can leave up to the 1600s without any problems, if you are lucky to preservation of registered males tales To these tales compiled statistics, according to which, in turn, was conducted calculation taxes As such, these documents are kept in archives over the centuries The main demand is of course the last 20 years is in the genealogical vein It’s great that the government so meticulously saves your documents Not as a source of lineage farmers, of course – about this and thought it was impossible to even 100 years ago Still, the main issue is why would you want to bring your Search to the depths of the ages? What’s the difference how far away the genus or family, your tree? Now there is no need to prove the material the antiquity of its origin This is not a rhetorical question by the way, I’m really interested in your opinion on this matter!

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