Истории проекта Lineage | Часть 1

“Background Story of Lineage game series. Part 1” Hello everyone! This is a pilot video of Lineage game series Here I want to talk about background stories, some info from dev. blog and some historical or social moments with game in Korea I’ve got a lot info about all that stuff and I’ll trying to make a few concept videos Special thanks to Bae Hyeong, Pak Nam and Deok Lee for help and information “Two legengs in one” History of Lineage game series as old as whole history of online gaming in South Korea In 2018 first Lineage achive a 20th anniversary If someone ask to korean gamer which was playing in Lineage 1 from launch date “What comes to your mind when you hear the Lineage?” Most likely he will say a name one of the most popular player of those times – Poseidon He has top-high level and most enchanted gear from 1998 and until 2011, when he quit from the game His characters were estimated at hundreds of millions of won and And even developers in their interviews told that they watched with great interest to his ingame life After Poseidon, in the mind of old lineager may come, most powerful weapon in game – the Sword of Imperor Dantes Which was almost a unique item, like the dragon’s weapon, before claws and stuff was appearing in L2store To obtain this sword, it was necessary to get Breath of Valakas, Antharas, Lindvior and Fafurion, which drop only from those world’s bosses it was extremely hard to get that item, the sword also appreciated by his ingame story The sword of Emperor belonged to Emperor Dantes, who was very important person in first Linege. Dantes wore it when he was alive Emperor was betrayed by an ally member and after meeting with Gittas (god of the ghosts world) Dantes turned into a Dead Knight In the game, Dantes represented as Dead Knight (raid boss) with a skull instead of his head Also Dantes’ sword you may find in mobile version Lineage M, where he has the same unique value Finally, old korean lineager most likely will remember Bartz Liberation War I will talk about it in the following videos “From book to the game” In August 1996, NCSoft CEO Kim Taek-jin and in a past NCSoft vice president Song Jae-kyeong which afterwards left company and make his own XL Games company (Archage developer) enthusiastically they want to create a game similar to Ultima Online, “progenitor” of most modern MMORPGs In 1997 November was start closed testing and in August 1998 the game was released Ultima seemed too narativeless for Song Jae-kyeong, and he proposed to take as a basis narative the popular then-time manhwa Manhwa it’s korean analogue of japanese manga. It was called the Lineage By the way, that word “Lineage” in a book series means an ancestry or pedigree Also I must say that, most korean Lineage players wasn’t readed those books before playing the game In the nineties, Korean manhwa books were more of a literature than comic books or manga, so the choice was not accidental English subtitles in process, as always. But if you are interested send me a short message here, to be sure 😉


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