Какие бывают архивы ? Сам себе генеалог

A third video on the archives of this mini-series, and here I have two words to say about
what can we expect from different types of files as they are regional It archives in the areas of urban
archives, in general, all that It called “Archive-so
field “or” Archive such and such a city ” It is clear that the information
in them going on a regional basis Not all the data falls
in the Regional Archives, many You can only be found in the city
or regional archives, respectively, than smaller file, the harder
liaise remotely, but all things are possible archives organizations Usually work on
requests They do not always know where they are
their documents are not always they are stored or often
that the safety of the very a small number of years. The higher the post, which he held
in the organization of the right person, the greater the chance of finding
information about him. departmental This archive registrar, FSB Archives / MIA
Firstly Work on demand, require
kinship confirmation That is, when dealing with these
archives will be more paperwork, but this bureaucratic
system of our time, from the daily routine and intuitive federal The largest files are located
in Moscow and St. Petersburg They combine information
on some grounds, such there are various military archives
periods or formed Historically, as the Archive
Ancient Acts, combining Former Archive of the Ministry of
Justice and also some other files Federal is not much, but they
important for any search Bumping the question in the search for “where to go”
do not hesitate to ask, ask, ask forums and wherever it seems appropriate to you where to turn to you, and soon you
be directed to the correct storage, someone will tell you where there are funds that you are looking for A type definition is necessary rather to understand what place It takes a total system
this archive and already understand what to expect from working with him If you liked the video, put the Huskies, subscribe to the channel. Good luck in your search!


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