Поиск предков и составление родословного древа || Первые шаги

Dorognie friends, good afternoon! To the point video What to do to learn more about their ancestors Question to you: Where do you live now? If it’s a small town or rural area, find a way to learn, for example, through me, whether in your area genealogists community Such associations is greater than you might think and the search for the roots of this case, requires an individual approach and the advice of seasoned and private, non-virtual communication is a priority Then, choose a genealogical program and find more or less safe place to store documents in electronic form on a computer or external hard drive By the choice of the program, I will write a separate clip in the near future The next step will be communication with your family. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it is necessary downright espionage methods to fish out information Find the first time to communicate with the most senior members of the family, But perseverance in a reasonable range, together with counter service will bear fruit The most important issues is the name, date of birth, place of birth of your most distant ancestors Access your mobile phone, or install, if not in standard applications, voice recorder, and all discussion on the history of the family write on it Transcript and transfer of data in the program will allow you to see how much you really know Often it is much larger volume than meets the ear Over time, you still will not be time to go back to these recordings And was surprised to find that detail that initially seem unimportant to you, in the light of new knowledge about the family becomes the key to continue the search and real salvation to break the deadlock Therefore, it is important to record conversations in audio If you have the ability to shoot video, of course it is even better, However, note that when you’re shooting video, chances are you get embellished information Another point: restore documents through the organs of the registrar, so that you have proof of kinship It is often left to the next, as the most obscure and pushing you to communicate with harmful officials, as well as to the question of standing in queues, but the very fact it is not too difficult, even just And you will still need to do It restoring documents at the registry office, we are already half way to work in the archives, and hence to the information about the farthest your ancestors The very first step to the restoration of documents through the registry office, is to check the personal archive of family What do you have on hand? Do you have your birth certificate, Do you have any basic documents (birth certificate, marriage, death) to the next generation? But in that moment where you fail, you have to make a trip to your nearest registry office, not necessarily for a residence permit and apply for the restoration of the right certificate But of this I will write a separate video And finally, how are things going with your photo album? Believe me, the tree with lots of photos much more informative. Many photos may not even be at your older relatives (grandparents, great-grandparents, grandparents) and at their older brothers and sisters Sometimes, if the relationship is strained, the photo does not give arms Then we’ll find a way to bring the scanner with you, and with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi in black and white scan all photos Camera, even the best and most solid hands with good lighting is not an option to transfer the photos to view tsiforovoy Well, on this until all! Thank you for your attention, do not hesitate to ask questions in the comments or via the website But for those who are particularly interested in the German Thing beside me an answer in the following video :)) Subscribe to my channel! Good luck!


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