Преимущества свежего взгляда на родословное древо

It is difficult to overestimate the need for
to look at the tree under different corners from time to time and check it for errors The fact that the information
quickly builds up, zadvoeniya happen again,
incorrect binding Just to even open the tree in a different schedule, looking at it from a different angle, not under that at which you are accustomed to look at it and usually explore, you get a chance to catch errors or maybe even find some clues And if you have the program has special tools for the analysis of the tree, do not wait, use them right now There is another interesting
way that the truth It requires going beyond
genealogy program It can be called a geographical, but it is not a map The link in the description you
You find the Excel worksheet, he pre-filled
imaginary tree for example, Simply substitute their regions,
and see what happens Where a large part of your
ancestors? Most likely the result will surprise you!

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