【Kagamine Rin・Len】Nemesis Of The Lost Kingdom (English Subbed)

Nemesis of the Lost Kingdom The children standing in the field that was burnt Helpless, with their hands continue digging the graves In the remains of the battlefield, a boy with an obscure name and those who remained covered the rest with dirt Snatched away, not yet rid of despair
Hating each other to the limit Holding a cold corpse
I will close your warm eyes each time Choked with tears While lamenting the lives that had died ephemeral, I mourn
What will I protect with this hand? For the sake of ending this endless dispute
Therefore to eliminate both conflicts I will live. Showing each other our minds, we share unhealed wounds
Believe, I talked with you With these hands, we vowed to fulfill the immature promise of that day Forget the past, time flows on Will this bloody lineage continue forever? From the stolen land, raise up your hope, draw your swords At the tip of the crossed blade was dear you I continue to believe in you from that day
I continued to search You, who stands before me now
We, having finally found each other To think that we should have to fight Without even wiping the overflowing tears, I face the blade
If I am allowed to make amends That future and country destroyed, I return and scream
I scream to protect you and the future It doesn’t reach Words not reaching anymore, I continue to receive your blade.
Believe, I waited for you The childhood promise, left unfulfilled, disappeared. I will connect the bud left behind, the fleetingly scattered tears, to tomorrow
Risking life, if we bet the unexpected In order to achieve protection for the dream of the future that I was watching with you
We’ll be deprived of the dream of the future I will fight Even my heart deceives me as I turn my blade towards you
Believe, I continue to wait for you I will keep the promise of that foolish/stupid day until then Illust: Suzunosuke
Movie: Hitoshizuku
Song: Hitoshizuku x Yama△


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