๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆCanada Vlog12 /Canadian korean international family life /MR.MIKES/Streak/Fried Chicken/Caesar

Wow do you like it??feeling good?? Oh She can wash after all done and she could do this at home too. Okay The add what’s called colors to the to the pump Pump is what they do is when they chop up the tree into very small Like dust add some chem adds and like gluing stuff to make it stick together like paper So they add colors to the pulp Well, the dye makes it like The weather was alright although slightly overcast, bcz we were going to play indoor. Well, they have to dry it out there’s like the cooking process, right Aiden is very curious boy, so he has lots of questions. We just parked and sign up for check in. There were some indoor gyms there but we picked this one. This one is good for little kids Run run run!Aiden, chase Evelyn! go run Aiden, Aiden! Run Evelyn! She is running, but Aiden does not listen…it’s probably boy thing… They have met some daycare freinds bcz they are all similar age group. Evelyn, watch out! are you okay? another Aiden there. Daddy, Carry it pls! it was family day so many daddies there to play with kids. There we go Helen and Fiona joined together and they had so much fun. Helen and Aiden are good chemistry so they were playing well. Oh Although, Helen is 1 year older than Aiden. After they played well, we all went mr.mikes.kids love this place. Aiden Theatreland, ah, that’s all good boy Where will then Data wakka if you wanna go downstair, let’s go to dance there Okay Hmm I was getting ready to go out but Aiden came to my room and called him a king.lol Okay, okay go downstair go downstair. Oh My god! he’s super cute. spring is around the corner,I need go on a diet. Yeah, just Andy come here. Do you wanna check the taste? Oh?? That’s not it, you don’t like it… do you like it do you like it??? where are you going? Hey guys, cheese!!


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