2018 Genealogy Fair Closing Remarks

We will now have closing remarks. I am pleased to welcome to the stage, the
National Archives Executive for Research Services Ann Cummings.>>Good Afternoon, I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their participation in this very successful, sixth Virtual Genealogy
Fair. Some of our early numbers show that we had 487 people participate and the viewers keep growing From the numbers, we can see that this event
has provided guidance and advice to how family historians can trace their own lineage through
easily-accessible Federal records. I ask that you please take 30 seconds to complete the on-line evaluation. We thank you for attending and for the comments
that we received during our online discussions, and we look forward to your evaluations. The post-fair feedback for the presentations are very useful to us. At this time, I would personally like to thank the staff and the presenters who are directly responsible for making this fair a success. These people include: Britney Crawford, who is the manager of the staff who planned and organized this event. AndrÈa Matney for her coordination of the fair.It is because of Andrea’s hard work that this fair is a successs every year. Thank you very much to Jamie Atkinson, Julie Reid, Jason Winston,
Alexis Van Dyke, Brian Cipperly, and Eric Wright-Mosby, and Nancy Schuster for the audio visual support. Without their assistance this fair would not have been possible. A tremendous thank you to all of the speakers:
Meredith Doviak, Suzanne Isaacs, Claire Kluskens, Alexandra Villaseran, Kaitlyn Crain Enriquez,
Kelsey Noel, Cara Moore Lebonick and Anna Csar. For communications, Miriam Kleiman, and Sarah Gardner — we thank them for raising awareness and excitement about this fair. Thank you to Kerri Lawrence and Jim Worsham
for writing articles, and Jim for today’s editing of the presentation materials. Thank you to Hilary Parkinson, our social media
expert who has been helping us with Twitter and Facebook feeds prior and during this
event. Thank you Paul Bennek for the Fair’s poster
design, and John Valceanu and Scott Barton for coordination and printing; of it. Also, thank you to John Wall, Randall Curry, and Justin Hardy for supporting us with information technology. I am grateful to Sam Anthony, Maureen MacDonald,
and Laurel McClean’s support for the archivist. I want would like to thank Christine Hime,
today’s transcriber, who typed everything that we said today for live captioning. And finally, thanks to the original founder of the
fair, Diane Dimkoff, for creating this event in 2005. And last but not least, thank you to the virtual participants and your continued interest in genealogy and the records maintained by the National Archives. We look forward to next year.

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