2018 Genealogy Fair Welcome

Good morning, I’m David Ferriero, Archivist
of the United States. Welcome to our sixth Virtual Genealogy Fair! For 13 years we’ve hosted an annual Genealogy
Fair and since 2013, the National Archives transformed this to live webcast on YouTube. Our sessions offer family history research
tools on Federal records for all skill levels. Thousands of family historians participate
in the live event. As a virtual attendee, you can: •Participate with the presenters and other
family historians. •Watch individual sessions and download
the materials at your convenience. Since going “virtual” six years ago, I
am proud to have these resources and tools available for family historians in the form
of lecture video recordings and handouts on our Fair web page We hope that you take advantage of all that
is offered. As some of last year’s participants said: •“Fantastic presentation, thanks! I’ll be watching it [a]gain to see the parts
I missed.” •“Visuals show how much work goes into
preserving these documents” •“Wonderful presentation! I had no idea these records were available
online.” The annual event is an opportunity to bring
us together to share knowledge about the National Archives’ holdings and research strategies. This year’s topics include:
• Federal records that help identify former slaves and slave owners;
• Civil War widows’ pension files; • Civilian Conservation Corps photographs;
• Tennessee Valley Authority personnel files; • military nurse histories and finding aids;
and • using the National Archives Catalog to
research online. Based on your feedback, we placed an emphasis
on our digital resources. During our first session, “Calling all Citizen
Archivists! Getting the Most Out of the National Archives
Catalog,” you will learn how to participate and help future researchers. As you enjoy this genealogy fair, I encourage
you to visit our website archives.gov – We have many resources for you:
• over 70 videos from our “Know Your Records” programs, an ongoing series of free public
programs created to show you how to use U.S. Federal government records held at the National
Archives for historical and genealogical research. These include the previous five virtual genealogy
fairs. • Our National Archives Catalog to find
documents of interest to genealogists and make tracing your family history easier. • the “Research at the National Archives
page on Facebook, where you can follow the latest genealogical topics
• And connect with the National Archives on Twitter using the hashtag shown on the
screen. ***
The dedication of our National Archives staff is our greatest asset in carrying out the
mission of this agency. I want to thank our presenters: Meredith Doviak,
Suzanne Isaacs, Claire Kluskens, Alexandra Villaseran Kaitlyn Crain
Enriquez, Kelsey Noel, Cara Moore Lebonick, and Anna Csar for their efforts. Moreover, special thanks to our Research Services
Supervisory Management Analyst Britney Crawford and Community Outreach Programs and Support
Specialist Andrea Matney for putting this all together. Our role at NARA is to preserve the records
that have permanent value. With over 14 billion pages of records, 43
million photographs, thousands of motion pictures, maps, broadsides, and electronic records,
history comes to life at the National Archives: we house the tangible reminders of where we
have been, how far we have come, and what is possible for each and every American. Thank you, and enjoy the virtual genealogy

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