2019 Sundance Film Festival – Ancestry & SundanceTV Present: Railroad Ties (Ext. Trailer) | Ancestry

Identity is everything. Really being able to place who you are and then how you’re interpreting that in your life and then
in the wider world. Every ancestor that we have has a story waiting to be told. And all we have to do is find that ancestor and that story will be unleashed. As you already know you are the descendant of one of the most influential members of
the Underground Railroad in New York. She spent her first Thanksgiving night
in safety. Even in abolitionist circles he was
considered extreme. There was a second level of activity happening here. It’s unreal who would not be inspired by that. It was really more like this. It would have been total darkness. It would have been someone alone. So much emotion in everything that comes over you. It’s unreal. I’ve been the one that’s traveled a lot.
Maybe searching for some pieces. We are the sum total of our ancestors. You’re not limited by their limitations but you have the potential of their accumulated sense of possibilities and that you are product of their stories. Even though you don’t know it.


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