2019 Virtual Genealogy Fair closing Remarks

We will now have closing remarks. I am pleased to welcome to the stage, the
National Archives Executive for Research Services Ann Cummings.>>Hello. I would like to thank you everyone for participating in this very successful, seventh Virtual Genealogy Fair. Our early numbers show that we had over 11,000
people participating on FaceBook and YouTube. The viewers will keep growing since the videos
remain available on the Fair website and YouTube. We hope this event has provided you with practical
guidance and advice for tracing your family’s history through easily-accessible federal records. We ask that you take the next 30 seconds to complete
the online evaluation. Your post-fair feedback is very useful and
helps us shape future presentations to better meet your needs. I want to thank the staff responsible for
making this fair a success. Vernon Smith, the manager of the fair, Andrea
Matney for her coordination of the fair, Amber Forrester for introducing the sessions and
communicating with the audience via chat. Jamie Atkinson, Julie Reid, Jason Winston,
Alexis Van Dyke, Brian Cipperly, and Eric Wright-Mosby for the audiovisual support. Without these hard-working people, the fair
would not have been possible. Thank you to all of the speakers: Kelly Osborn,
Darren Cole, Rebecca Collier, Sara Holmes, Elizabeth Burnes, Nathaniel Patch, Cody White,
and James Muhn. Your presentations provided us with new ways
and ideas to utilize Federal Records. Thank you to all the staff that helped us with
the communications and logistics for the Fair. This includes Miriam Kleiman for raising awareness
and excitement for this fair. Hilary Parkinson and Kristen Albrittain, for their
social media experise who have been helping us with Twitter and Facebook feeds throughout
this event. Mary Ryan and Jim Worsham for editing today’s
presentation materials. Rania Hassan for updating the Fair’s poster
design Cynthia Campbell and Scott Barton for printing it, Randell Curry and Joshua Johnson
for supporting us with information technology. Maureen MacDonald for her supporting role
with the archivist’s welcome remarks. Thank you to everyone who worked to make the
event accessible to all. This includes Cathy Lumi for creating accessible
documents, Halena Lawson for coordinating a transcriber and Christine Hime, today’s
transcriber, who has been typing everything that we have said today for live captioning. Thank you everyone for your participation
and your continued interest in genealogy and the records maintained at the National. We truly look forward to next time.

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