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have you ever gotten some news that pretty much kind of change your whole perception of how you are I’m what?!? Hi guys and welcome back to my videos I as you guess from the title of the video this is my DNA results test woop woo so I’m going to be giving you a run down of three things first of all why I decided to take the test test second of all little bit about the process and finally the results yeah I know what my fingers doesn’t work so first of all reasons why I decided to take the test As you guys know from my channel if you guys have been following me I’m a Chinese Adoptee and I decided to the test because i as an adoptee I just don’t know anything about my ancestry about my possible health or traits or anything so really for me a DNA test was something, an insight to effectivley who I am I guess an insight to where I come from and what my parents might have been like and things it was really a desire to know one’s origins and I’ve always been told you don’t look Chinese so there’s always been that kind of question the back of my mind even though I’ve always said that I’m Chinese I’ve never said otherwise, I decided to look online and have a good different companies that do tests i decided to go with 23andme, which is an american company and the reason why decided to go for 23andMe is that I felt that they had a really detailed ancestry composition, they looked really user friendly and they have a detailed health composition as well also from 23andMe you can use the results of that and download the raw data and i’m upload it to different websites the process of getting results , so first of all you have to go on the website and buy the kit, the kit is not cheap guys I will not lie to you i bought it was around £125 I think that is something you have to really consider when you buy a DNA test, it isn’t a cheap thing and I think many people say “Why do you need a kit to tell you that you’re asian?” you probably know that I mean granted, I was figured that anyway but it wasn’t it wasn’t really that for me, I think it for me personally whatever results were going to be I said to myself i’m not gonna be disappointed because at least then I’ll know because I come from a position where I don’t know anything knowing something at all just be great and I always said to myself I’m not asian, if I’m not Chinese I’m not going to be disappointed because at least I know, at least I have that information I did send the kit off in July as we notice now it is October the reason for this delay is because they lost my first shipment and it about four weeks to discover that lost it so I start again and I didn’t get another one until august, so I sent it off in about September, so it is about about 4-6 weeks , so according to the 23andMe and the speculative results which there are 50% sure that this is what my DNA is is I’m majority Chinese, 90% Chinese 7.5 % Korean 0.3% Japanese and a little bit less mongolian, they also have a list of Health and traits results luckily I was really glad to see that I didn’t in didn’t have any inherited conditions or I was interested to find out that it said that I most likely Lactose Intolerant as we know with genes that you can possess genes obviously it depends environment factors and things which genes get turned on and off so obviously even though I may posess these genes these may not exactly apply to my life also on 23andMe there are these the option of finding your relatives while the most interesting thing about being part korean was in fact that most of my relatives were other Korean adoptees which is interesting because i’m a Chinese adoptee but most of my close relatives which was 3rd to 6th cousins or Korean adoptees, I didn’t find anything obviously any kind of close relatives but I didn’t expect to, I decided to upload my results to WeGene WeGene is a chinese company which specifically deals with asian origins and others but it’s has a much larger database than 23andMe one of the main reasons I wanted to go with 23andMe actually was that I was really keen to upload it on WeGene it came back with only 79% Chinese I really think that between this variation I’m somewhere between 60 to 90 % Chinese that the other half, it said was entirely Korean so I am 1/5 Korean Korean now the reason for this variation within these results is exactly clear but I can say that WeGene has a much larger database for asian ethnicity and asian origins so in some ways I feel like I’m more inclined to say that this might be more accurate, but it is undeniable that both tests confirmed that i’m at least part Korean which was kind of a pretty big surprise for me I never really thought about it What was interesting as well about WeGene was the fact that it said that I was Northern Han which would explain the Mongolian as well and have tiny little bit She so it’s pretty interesting now look into the history of how Chinese and Koreans cross over as well and I guess it’s so now i’m going to look forward to looking into in the future, so with regards to how I feel about now being Chinese and Korean because i know that there’s definitely a good chance that i am somewhere between 7% and a 1/5 Korean possibly even one of my grandparents or even just further back than that I could be Korean with regards about how I feel i’ll be honest with you guys, not that different you know I think that’s all thats going to change now is that when people asked me what ethnicity I am I’m gonna say Chinese and Korean, some people have asked me saying “Do you feel less Chinese now knowing that you’re not full Chinese? ” I don’t personally because i know i’m still between 60-90% Chinese, i’m still Chinese just because I’m now Korean doesn’t mean that I’m not trying anymore, I can be both, I think it’s always i’m now probably use this opportunity to discover more about my Korean side you know, it’s going to be a great opportunity even more food travel places and maybe learn the language which sounds pretty cool and yes it’s pretty cool and you know I guess in the end of the day now I kind of feel however else feels that now I know, it’s just a fact it’s not something that agonise over anymore, I used to think about it about it for ages, and now that quest is over and I guess that’s been fulfilled and now that i have I guess, I just I feel ok I don’t feel sad about it anymore I don’t feel that I’d really like to know anymore, because now I know if you have any questions for me or any questions about DNA results feel free to drop in the comments below don’t forget to Like subscribe this video and I don’t know if guys know but i have snapchat now don’t forget to add me on snapchat which is NaoImHere and also don’t forget to check out my interview which I did recently with “Our Chinese stories” about being a Chinese Adoptee In the United kingdom okay thanks so much for watching this video guys i hope to see you soon and I guess it’s 안녕히 가세요.
Anyoung hee gaseyo from me guys need to work in that Korean but yeah peace out


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