23 and Me DNA Ancestry Test Results

Hello everyone welcome to Keiota Studio. I’m going to be revealing my ancestry to the world. Before we get to that, the reason
why I wanted to get this DNA test is because I just wanted to know who my
ancestors are and where they come from. I get so many questions about where am i
from a lot of people think that I am from the islands like Trinidad which I
know for a fact that no one in my family has ever said that we’re from Trinidad and Tobago.I also get a lot of questions about am i asian? particularly filipino and no
one in my family has ever said anything about us being Asian. Whenever I’m pregnant Nigerians come to me and they ask me if I’m Nigerian so, I
guess I only look Nigeria when I’m pregnant. But, my family members have
definitely said that we are a combination of African, European and
Native American descent. That is what I know and
I just want to have this confirmation from a DNA test. My results are right
here on my iPad. okay it says that I’m a hundred percent me
which is true. Hello I me. How are you? Who are you? I am 84.2% sub-saharan African of the 84.2% I am
44.2% Nigerian 12.6% coastal West African 6.2% Santa Guardian and again an
5.3 percent call Gandhi’s 0.1% southeast African 0.1% African hunter-gatherer
0.1% suddeniy is 12.6% broadly west African 0.6%
broadly colonies and South East African 2.3 percent broadly sub-saharan african
i’m happy to know that I am 44.2% Nigerian because I always felt
close to Nigeria and I’m almost having Nigerian I always needed on Saturdays
because my great-great-great-great Grandmother came from it’s me and my
cousin Helen she confirmed that information
I am 14.5 percent European of that 14.5 percent it is five point one percent
British and Irish point four percent Iberian six percent broadly Northwestern
European 25 percent broadly southern European 2.5 percent broadly European I
know that my mother’s I had a family have a lot of European in it my cousin
Helen told me that one of the men and the mother side of the family was from
England and also I had a lot of cousins with bright reddish orange hair so that
Irish amperages are very fitting I am point nine percent East Asian in Native
American of that point nine percent is 0.4 percent Indonesian, Thai, Kumar and Myanma, 0.1% Native American 0.3% broadly Chinese and Southeast Asian
I am also 0.2% broadly South Asian a lot of people
saying our allegation and yes they are correct I am Asian my grandmother on my
dad’s side of the family said that her mom is Cherokee therefore I know that I
am part Native American historian said that people migrated from Africa to Asia
and later came over to America and it looks like that has happened in my
family as well I am 0.3% unassigned on a side means
that they haven’t pinpointed a region of my DNA to a Pacific population yet just
because the human race is so diverse and he just had to bear with them or
whatever but what is this unassign does this mean that I am part goddess? I am
part angel? I’m directly a descendant from an African Queen? come on now like I need to notice 0.3%. I had a DNA birthday party to reveal my DNA results to my
friends and family. Here are some of the clips from that party enjoy these photos. thank you for watching this video please
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