23andMe Commercial (Michael Jordan Ancestry Testing)

– Ancestry kits are
more popular than ever. – They track information like
where your DNA comes from. – Or what medical conditions
you’re predisposed to. – But come on, you wanna
know the cool stuff, right? Like, am I related to Michael Jordan? – [Announcer] Introducing the new 23andMe, the only ancestry kit to exclusively test if you’re related to NBA
legend Michael Jordan. (air horn blaring) – I don’t know, I’m kinda
nervous guys. (laughs) – Yeah, I think there is a good chance. (exhales nervously) – Space Jam’s my favorite movie. – I mean, you could tell if
you saw my free throw game. – No. – Not even close. – Is there another side though? – Yep, definitely related! – Just no, okay. – Huh, oh, no, you don’t
wanna look at this thing. – (sucks air through
teeth) Spent $200 on that. – Okay, okay, so not
related to Michael Jordan, but we are predisposed
to the same diabetes. Type 2 so yeah, that’s something. I should probably go see a doctor. – [Announcer] So try the new 23andMe today and as an added bonus
you get a free analysis of your relation to Lakers’
superstar LeBron James. – No wait, this says I’m
related to Kevin James. I don’t want that. (mouth slurping)

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