23andme DNA Test Results | What am I ?

3.4% unassigned which could be alien?!!
what is, what is unassigned even mean?! Maybe Alien.. Does your
first youtube video ever come out exactly how you wanted it it to?? hi thank
you so much for coming I am finally going to do it you’re going to hear my
children in the background and I am sorry about that I’ve been trying to
make this video grab your cup of coffee and take a good zip! so I did that 23andme test my
23andme results has been waiting for me to open it I’ve tried many different ways with
my family without the kids it’s just this is it you’re going to do it with me let’s
just say I don’t have 100% information about exactly what I am and I’ve always
been very interested my family has found that very weird want to talk about what
cultures that have been interested in and see if they match up I’ve done some
of this also really admire well there’s been a
lot of stories from my grandma my cousin there was a French crest somewhere that
was seen I don’t know that’s what I’m doing this I want to know most holidays
23andme will offer a discount code if you’re looking at me can you guess what
I am it was originally born in Morelos Mexico
and when was looking at ancestry.com I never found anything which is why I’m kind of
counting on this to show me something so here we go oh my god…oh my god.
East Asian and Native American 57.6% what! East Asian!
that’s crazy! Japan Oh MY God! Japan and by the way this is another culture
that I have been mildly obsessed with I would live there if I could
actually I would want to try their school systems for my children I don’t
know if you have seen documentaries on that their school systems are pretty
incredible on my god..this is crazy.. um so..one of our very best friends John.. John
is Japanese Korean turns out we are actually family 35.4% european course
there’s your 3.3% sub-saharan African ..i can’t believe east asian. OH.. there’s that
Middle Eastern! Middle Eastern and North African 0.3% 0.8 percent Ashkenazi
Jewish am I saying that right? what is that? so there’s 3.4 unassigned
okay so this was my first video thank you so much for staying through the
whole thing if you still are I just wanted to get started so this is the
video that I chose for you I hope you enjoyed it I hope that it interests you
to look into your background and to see where you come from totally worth it
it’s just kind of exciting to see where it is that you are from! Please
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funny faces! funny faces?! you think they’ll like my introduction yeah yeah beautiful
HUDA! this is Lexie and she is one years old she turned one last month yes and watch my video! mommy video!


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