23andMe DNA Test Results: Who am I?!

– Who am I? My name is Tom, this is
the Enthusiasm Project, but that’s about all I know. So, today is May 3rd
and what I have is this. I get to send my spit in the mail to a company who will look at
it and then tell me who I am. So, this is the 23andMe Ancestry Kit. I’ve never really known mine. I’ve always just been white guy and so I’ve wanted to do this for a while to see if I could actually
kind of find out what I am. So, the reason I’m recording
this today on May 3rd is that once you send in your saliva it takes about six to
eight weeks to come back and I want to get the results
as quickly as possible. So, this kit includes
a set of instructions, one saliva collection
tube, one return bag, and a pre-paid return label and box. So, to get started I just
have to open up this package. There’s some instructions,
instructions are mostly contact info in case you
get stuck along the way. So, this just lets you know right here, no food or drink 30 minutes before, spit to the fill line, close the funnel, detach the funnel, seal in the bag, and then mail in the kit. They emphasis repeatedly the importance of registering your kit so I guess that’s the number one thing to
do if you’re doing this. And this is the actual sample kit, you’ve got the bag and then
you’ve got the collection tube. I apologize if this part is gross but this wasn’t really in the instructions once you fill the tube to the
line and you close this lid, there’s actually some kind of solution, I don’t know if it’s saline solution or what that’s in this
lid and when you close it, the lid gets punctured and the solution mixes with your spit. It’s really weird and it
wasn’t really mentioned and once you do that
you’re supposed to unscrew and remove the funnel, and
then you place on the cap, and then you’re supposed to
shake it for five seconds and that’s basically it I believe. And so here you can
see you’re not supposed to include the funnel, you’re
just supposed to include the tube, you’re not
supposed to remove this pad, and it just goes in here. But that’s it, it’s sealed
up pretty dang tight. My spit is definitely a biohazard, so glad that’s clearly marked. And then you’re supposed to put this bag back into the original box. It’s all in there, and then
this just goes into the box. When you do register they make you sign a whole bunch of consent forms that are probably pretty
important to read. It’s about how your
sample’s gonna be stored, how the data’s gonna be used. They stated it’s basically for research and nothing invasive, sort
of up to you to decide how much you are comfortable
with that or not. I was fine with it. So, let me pop the sample back in, peel off this adhesive strip. That’s very secure, that is
not coming undone easily. That’s it, it gets special shipping because it’s a human specimen, gross. So, I’ve got the sample in here, this box is already pre-addressed. I just need to drop it in the mail and then wait for the results. (bright music) So, it’s been just under four weeks, just over three weeks since I
sent in my gross spit sample and I just got an email today that says, your reports are ready. I haven’t opened it yet. So, I asked Heather if
she wanted to sit in. If you don’t know Heather, I don’t know where you’ve been but you should check out her
channel, HeatherJustCreate. It’s fantastic, it’s in
this general direction. – I’m his girlfriend, he
failed to mention that. – Yes, she’s also the love of my life and she’s also the one
who told me about 23andMe. So, since I don’t know my background that’s what we wanted to do. So, here’s what I’m gonna
go, just hang on one second. Let me start–
– White guy. – So, what we’re gonna do
is I’m gonna look at it for the first time on the
computer, we haven’t seen it. I’m doing a screen recording
so hopefully when I edit we can put it somewhere up on the screen and you can kind of see
what we’re reacting to ’cause I don’t know what
these reports look like. There’s two options for
reports with 23andMe. There’s the ancestry report
which is just sort of your genetic make up then
there’s also one that’s like what conditions and diseases
you’re predisposed to. I didn’t do that one ’cause I have enough anxiety in my life. (laughs) And it was more expensive. – Yes you do. – Okay, so here we go, we’re gonna click on your reports are ready. It says, Tom, welcome
to you, view my report. – [Heather] Welcome to You. – [Tom] Welcome to me. – [Heather] Wow. – Here are the reports. (gasps) I didn’t see anything but it– – I saw, I saw, I saw. – It popped up. So, the things that are up here say, ancestry composition, maternal haplogroup, I don’t know what that
is, Neanderthal ancestry, paternal haplogroup, and my DNA family. – I’m so antsy, here we go.
– Ready, set, go. – That’s a lot of Europe over there. Okay.
– It’s only Europe. (laughs) – It’s all Europe, British and Irish, 50% Balkan.
– Croatia. – Croatia 17.9%, that’s
my second largest group is Croatian, where’s that? (laughs) – You don’t know where that is? You’re also German. – So, French and German
7.2%, that I thought of, Scandinavian not unlike a piece of Ikea, no Ikea’s–
– Yeah, it’s Swedish. – Oh, and Iceland, where I’ll be visiting my homeland.
– You’re gonna go see your people. – Well, 2.2% (laughs) Eastern European 2.1%,
Italian .6%, Jewish .4%. So, I’m quite European
aggressively European. Oh, but look if we scroll down it gives your ancestry timeline. British and Irish, okay that’s from like 1960 to 1900.
– The most recent. The Balkan one goes from 1930 to 1870 and back in the 1880s to the 1770s it was French, German, Scandinavian. Then going into the
Eastern European, Italian, way back into the 17, 1720s. – [Heather] Ashkenazi. – More than eight generations ago. – I mean is this what you were expecting? – Pretty much. I don’t think I was
expecting this many things. – Yeah, ’cause we’ve talked, we guessed, I remember I was saying British. – Yeah.
– So British, and we did say Canadian but
that’s not on there at all. – Yeah I guess I’m not Canadian. – So, we gotta go to Ireland
’cause that’s homeland. – That’s my main homeland.
– Yeah. – I feel actually really strange. – Really?
– Yeah, like I’m actually having an emotional response
to it in a weird way. – Describe. – Like, it’s I don’t know, it’s weird ’cause I’ve never known for sure ’cause everyone says you’re white and I’m like, well what does that mean? – Yeah of course.
– Like, it doesn’t mean anything and so to pin
it down to specific things, I don’t know it’s interesting. It makes your history feel real? Would you do it? – Yeah, I’d do it. I already know what, I mean, I’m almost positive I
know what it would say but I’m curious as to all this other, Italian, Eastern European, Scandinavian, like you’re getting all these things where you’re majority British, Irish but– – Yeah, it’s super cool. So, I mean for me I think the cost of this was like 80 bucks or something. This isn’t like a sponsored
video or anything. I definitely like to have spent $80 so that I can now fill out
customs forms correctly. – What were you putting? – Mostly Pacific Islander. – Shut up. – Now I gotta really celebrate
St. Patrick’s Day, I guess. So, this is super cool. – That explains why you
like Guinness so much. No you don’t like Guinness,
you like the other one. – I don’t like beer. – No, no, no, what is it? Baileys! – Oh!
– Yes! (laughs) – There you go, let me know what you think in the comments below, maybe not necessarily about my ethnicity but– – Yeah, let him know what you think. They’re gonna be like, I
knew you were Croatian. – Let me know what your thoughts are on the process, if you’ve done it, if you want to do it, anything basically. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel if you haven’t already. Don’t forget to visit and
subscribe to Heather’s channel, HeatherJustCreate for all
kinds of really, really incredible content and I
will see you guys next time. So, until then this is
European Tom Buck signing off. (laughs) Have a great day. – Bye! (light music)

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