5 aplicaciones para genealogía

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today I want to recommend 5 applications that I use to make
genealogy the first application that I can
recommend is called camps cane this application as its name says it is a
type of scanner has no cost although if you want to have more
quality because they have to pay a price but talking is not that expensive and it’s very
good I’ll show you how it works here I have the application called cam
scanner here we are going to
to start the application where is the little camera you can
watch him squeeze and it will open the camera of your phone
then they can focus the document that wants
in this case it’s from my uncle grandfather and we are going to take the photo The good thing about this application is that
you can shorten it straighten it and improvement in the quality of the image of
the photo then you can also save
this picture as pdf to address this image as pdf and
also share it and share it anywhere
even camps scanner has a cloud so it does not matter from what
start the device always go to have this document at hand
the second application that I want them recommend is called notes here
ok in this application you are going to to be able to do all kinds of notes like that is
that when they meet their family and out of nowhere, a story
any questions asked and the answers that you get
they will be able to this at any time open your device and have access to
these notes it is until they say notes that Chile
they will be able to see and you can even search the notes
because sometimes there are too many for example I kept extrafamiliar
last names of a training tasks all I have to do then
you down here are going to create a note new
you can title interview Interview with Enriqueta the note is to ask on his favorite game and automatically this will already be
guarded in which he says others because we
we can give you even some kind of note here we can also make it record the
voice I can say and it even has an option to record
notes so is that if I need remember that I should go visit to hear
Assign what I can say and when I was silent this would end
then well you can see here that I already have the recorded note and also
then something very good transcribed I highly recommend them to have it in
your cellphone the third application that I can
recommend is called snap yes in this application you will be able to
improve the quality of photographs for example if they go with some uncle grandfather
and it has an old photo you logically they will want to take the photo
so sometimes you can not have the quality that we decided to have nor the angle
of the photo will come out very well but with this you can fix
first we must have the photograph so I’m going to take the picture and now I’m going to go to the snap application
yes let’s open the photo and as you can see, it is a bit of a shock
then the tools are going to give the perspective and we can change the
perspective is not that we’re going to analyze a little
we keep what we did the tool we are also to give to
trim Well, as you can see, it has improved a lot
as we had it in style we can look for a nice one that is the
hollow highlight the image a bit For example, I feel that it is the best
You see, we keep it and we can export the image save it
right here on the phone for later upload it somewhere
or export directly even the go to share and share it in any social network
This is a very good option for we have always at our disposal
these photographs and in good quality the fourth application that I have for you
What to recommend is the family search weapon in this application you are going to
have in your hands the family tree so when they go to visit their
family and need to remember some specific person of your tree and not
they remember at that moment they can take out your tree and show yourself what they are going to
need is to have internet so go prepared when they go to visit
to his family once again have something similar to this
and at any time they can select one and you will leave
information about that person who you have entered previously
so I recommend you to put the more information in your
tree so you can understand it when I need it
coupled with this application I have to recommend family search memories family 6 memories because you at
time to get these pictures these documents need to be sent to
somewhere on the internet where they know that We will be mobile where they know that
they will conserve and immutably mind and can you share at the same time
his whole family then what they I recommend that they also have
download this family application search memories and and in this application you are going to have
access to be able to climb the tree all that
I have collected what family has to be memories is that
you can add at the moment photographs memories documents
audio stories and audios is what most I like it here because no other
application will allow them to do what which is then when clicking on more
they come to record audio and come themes come and the questions for a hundred that moment
They are nervous and do not know they are going to ask
and for example if your family could hear this in
the future that l so what I use is a
lapel microphone then I’ll can put the person and here says
for example that you could hear this in the future that you would say give you know and
the question appears and you start to record and then ask the question then
let’s start recording if your family could hear this in
the future you would say so this is a very good option and
let’s put in finished and here we can change even the title
but he keeps it then we already have here we can this
you can play the audio or the audio that we have were going to be uploaded
automatically on the platform family search
here we can add to the person the one if we ask him why it could have been
in anyone and us because we are there by the middle lost
then we add the person to the what did we do this to and already
well these have been the applications that I normally use for
and if you have others that can recommend leave in the comments we
we see in the next video i

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