8 Sharing Notes and Notebooks in Evernote: Mac

with Evernote it’s easy to share notes and notebooks with the people that you’re working with let’s look at how to share content in Evernote I want to share a meeting agenda with my colleagues so they can add their comments to an upcoming meeting to share an individual note I just click the share button in the upper right hand corner of the note under enter name or email I’ll add my colleagues I can also enter any email address I can choose the level permissions for the people I’m sharing with in this case I’m going to let them edit and invite other people to this note if I wanted to I could select that they can only view the note or just edit the note I can add a message about this note and then click send my colleagues will then receive access to this note along with my comments sometimes you may want to share an entire notebook with the colleague for instance if you’re working together on a project I want to share my newsletter redesign project with my team I select the notebook and then click share I’m gonna add my same two colleagues directly to this notebook and let them share it with me I’ve given them edit and invite permissions but again I can change these just by selecting the permission level and then I’ll click send they now have access to the contents of this notebook for notes and notebooks that have been shared you can always modify the permission levels for the agenda note I previously shared I can go back to the note and modify the level of access to change permissions I right click on the note select more sharing and then manage no permissions previously allowed my colleagues to edit this note now that the meeting is done I want to switch the access to view only for Evernote business users you have the option to publish notebooks this makes it easy for everyone on your team to access important content this is ideal for notebooks with information that everybody needs access to I want to publish my key documents in a book to my entire company once I select the notebook in the list I right click on it and select publish notebook when I click publish I’ll be prompted to enter a description for the notebook I can also select the level permission that my team has access to once published anyone in my company can search this notebooks contents and access them easily as you share your contents with colleagues you may want to find content that you’ve previously shared with other people you can find this easily by clicking on work chat in the sidebar within the work chat window type any keyword that was in your chat you can also search for the people you’ve been chatting with Evernote will show you chests that contain the keyword you entered or the person’s name you typed you just learn how to share notes and notebooks with Evernote check out our other videos to learn how to get even more from Evernote

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