9OYS One on One with Chief Alonzo Jaynes

OF POLICE ALONZO JAYNES IN A SPECIAL WAY. THE DEPARTMENT HELD A RETIREMENT PARTY AT THE KINSTON COMMUNITY CENTER. THE COMMUNITY AND DEPARTMENT CAME TOGETHER TO CELEBRATE JAYNES ACHIEVEMENTS THROUGHOUT THE YEARS,AS HE HEADS ON TO HIS NEXT CHAPTER IN LIFE. “Well from what I understand he has a lot of chapters that he’s gonna ventur on into in his future and I wish him the best of luck I really do he’s a really good man” STATE LAW ENFORCEMENT WERE ALSO IN ATTENDANCE, AS WELL AS MEMBERS FROM PARTS OF NEW YORK. 9 ON YOUR SIDE’S AARON DEANE SAT DOWN WITH CHIEF JAYNES A FEW DAYS AGO TO TALK HIS CAREER IN LAW ENFORCEMENT AND WHAT’S NEXT. HE JOINS ME IN STUDIO WITH MORE… AARON HOW IS THE CHIEF FEELING ABOUT HIS RETIREMENT? WELL SHAYLA, CHIEF JAYNES SAYS HE HAS A MIX OF EMOTIONS ABOUT SAYING GOODBYE TO THE DEPARTMENT AND THE COMMUNITY. HE TELLS ME HE’S PROUD OF THE WORK THE KINSTON POLICE DEPARTMENT HAS DONE AND HIS HAPPY TO SEE THE COMMUNITY STRONGER. 00:07 AFTER 25 YEARS IN LAW ENFORCEMENT AND 3 YEARS WITH THE KINSTON POLICE AFTER 25 YEARS IN LAW ENFORCEMENT AND 3 YEARS WITH THE KINSTON POLICE DEPARTMENT AS CHIEF… ALONZO JAYNES IS SAYING FARWELL. 00:07 “Um mixed feelings um excited a little anxious a little nervous I’ve been a police officer my entire adult life so it’s gonna be a pretty big change.” AND BECOMING CHIEF WAS A MAJOR GOAL FOR HIM. HE SAYS KINSTON REMINDS HIM OF HOME “I think it was 2001 when I told when I told my coworkers one day I will be the chief of police With Kinston it was so attractive because it reminded me so much of Durham some of the things they expirenced” LIKE BUILDING A STRONG RELATIONSHIP WITH THE COMMUNITY WHICH JAYNES IS PROUD THE DEPARTMENT HAS DONE. “when I applied and one of the qualifications that asked for was some who can build bridges and when I came to Kinston 3 years ago I do remember a need for that connection with the police and the community” WITH PROGRAMS LIKE PIZZA WITH POLICE AND NATIONAL NIGHT OUT THAT NEED ….FILLED. “I think the community is empowered I think the community feels like hey if there are crimes going on we can we do have a voice” ANOTHER NEED….TACKING ISSUES OF CRIME IN THE CITY. “and so we really Identified those individuals who lack of a better term were terrorizing the community. This is a business that isn’t always pretty we do the dirty work sometimes and that means making that community safer” BUT HE LEAVES THE FORCE PROUD OF THE DEPARTMENTS GROWTH. “but I am a firm believer in systems verses people so you remove Alonzo Jaynes this machine keeps moving” JAYNES BELIEVES THE COMMUNITY AND THE DEPARTMENT ARE IN GOOD HANDS. “I have full confidence in the leadership here and I know they will continue to move forward” AS FOR WHAT’S NEXT…HE TELLS ME HE HAS A PASSION FOR THE HEALTH AND WELL BEING OF FIRST RESPONDERS AND LAW ENFORCEMENT AND THAT HE’S HEADING BACK HOME TO THE RALEIGH DURHAM AREA TO BE WITH HIS FAMILY. IN THE STUDIO AARON DEANE 9 ON YOUR SIDE WITH THE LONG HOLIDAY WEEKEND — SAFETY ON

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