A DNA Test Reveals the Truth to a Man Who Believes His Twins Aren’t His | Iyanla: Fix My Life | OWN

IYANLA VANZANT: Are you ready? Because I have the results
of the DNA test in my hand. [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s never be so
afraid of the answer that you don’t ask the question. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh. Chuck, you’re my dad. IYANLA VANZANT:
What does it say? For real? It says 99.9% probability. [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, don’t be so sad, son. And what does yours say? 100%. There’s your answer. How does it say 100? It say 99.999. [INTERPOSING VOICES] That’s cool. We are. I already know. I said 100, but it’s 99.9. I already know. [LAUGHTER] I want you to know that
it’s not always going to be the way you think it is. Everything’s on the table. Let’s try to start
this on the right foot. OK. You ready 100%
to be in our lives? Yes, I am, sir,
that you will call me. And I’m gonna give you
all that you need, sir. [LAUGHTER] I ain’t gonna flack, OK? Right here. We’re going to do
this the right way. What’s the matter? Nothing. You’re shocked, huh? Yeah, I’m just
taking it all in. Now we gotta pull all
our pain out together. Well– Gotta get help. Let me show you
something because it would be really nice
if you could just take this and throw it away. But you know what? You can’t. You know why? Because a lot of stuff
has gone on based on this. But what we can do, we
just took some of this out. Yep. Just some of it. What we just did
was lighten it up. At least now, you’ll
have some clarity, and you can work
through together. The work is on you now. Yep. And us. Everything’s out. Stand up for me. Stand up. Stand up. Here’s your work. All you have to do is
master this right here. Come on. I am my father’s son. I am my father’s son. Yeah, baby. I am my brother’s keeper. I am my brother’s keeper. Oh. I am my own man. I am my own man. You got all the pieces now. You got all of the pieces now.

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