A house built by my great-great-great-grandfather

That is a house that was built by my great-great-great-grandfather. This is A Kind of Adventurous Life. Hi! My name is Kirikou, and today – I’m enjoying my summer day here! That is a house – that my great-great-great-grandfather built. Probably in the year 1896 – because that’s the year carved here on the stone. Here it is. 1896. The world and Finland were quite different back then. My ancestor didn’t even own the land under this house, – so this was originally a “torppa”. They had to work for the owner of the land – which was, in their case, the state. And as Finland was not yet independent at that time – the state was the Grand Duchy of Finland – an autonomous part of the Russian Empire. 20 years later first world war came. Russian Empire collapsed and Finland declared it’s independency. In the following civil war – many of my great-great-great-grandfather’s children died, – but not my great-great-grandfather – who was born in this house in 1897, – a year after it was built. In 1920’s he acquired this land for him and his family – and my great-grandfather was born – also in this house. Thirty years elapsed – and in 1950’s my grandfather was born – Also in this house. But then the changes of the world reached also this place. They got electricity! What a change! My grandfather got education for himself. He was the first one in the family to go to high school, and then to university. Nobody wanted to continue the life of this small farm – in the middle of the Finnish forest. As you see, this place is really in the middle of the forest. No neighbours nearby. My great-great-grandfather, who was born in 1897, – farmed the small fields around this house – until his death in 1980’s. He was working there, on a field, – when suddenly he had heart problems. He was taken to the hospital, from where he never returned. And also farming never returned. This is really typical Finnish story. Almost all Finnish families have their roots in these small farm houses. And today Finland is full of empty, old farm houses. This really could use some paint. Here is a small cowhouse. Big enough for maybe… 10 cows? This was for heating water. This sauna hasn’t been used in decades. I don’t even know what this machine was used for. Old plastic models, built by my granddad, when he was a small boy. Old magazines from the 1950’s. And here I am. Me and my dad are probably the only ones to spend the night here this year. This kind of places are not of high demand anymore these days. There’s not even a lake nearby, – so it’s not a good place for a summer house. It’s a really nice, spacial place, – but unfortunately, with no future. No one is going to paint this house anymore. Nobody is going to milk cows here anymore. Nobody is going to use this machine anymore. No one is going to heat this sauna anymore. The world changes and the life goes on. And my life takes me to live in Helsinki. My adventures continues there. Thank you for watching! Remember to brush your teeth and see you soon again!


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