A Song of Ice and Fire: The Genetics of Dragons and War Part 1

so genetics plays an essential role and why certain people are special in the world of Ice and Fire the big question is of course why can some people ride dragons and others not and why were the older Targaryen able to hatch dragons but the newer ones not and why is Danny so special why could she hatched dragon eggs and people like Quentin and brown been plum feel like they could ride dragons could they and who the hell is young Griff and will he be able to ride a dragon well as it turns out much of Targaryen history and war can be explained through genetics we just have to assume the following number one dragon abilities are an X chromosome linked gene we will call this gene dragon X number two the ability to ride a dragon requires at least one dragon X gene the ability to hatch Dragons requires two dragon X genes thus double dragon X since only women normally have two x chromosomes only women can hatch dragons let’s also consider how dragons are hatched we know that Dany hatched dragons so it seems to involve at minimum a special person being around the eggs for a while we also know that dragon eggs are given to Targaryen x’ in the cradle so there seems to be the belief that being around a Targaryen will hatch an egg and our experience with Dany supports this belief it should also be noted that Targaryen czar vaguely aware that genetics are important they practice inbreeding to keep their bloodlines pure they often marry brother to sister but when not brother to sister they still marry in the family and when not in the family they tend to marry those that have Valyrian ancestry this is primarily House of allure Ian but also includes lice any and house Dane and Hightower who look Valyrian now of course genetics incest and royalty are something from the real world Queen Victoria’s inbreeding led to several generations of haemophilia an X chromosome linked affliction and other royal families around the world throughout history have had trouble with genetics and inbreeding now of course in the real world genetics is much more complicated than the Mendelian genetics we learned in school however Targaryen history seems to follow the simplicity of Mendelian genetics so Targaryen history really begins with an R the exile who lived about a hundred years before Aegon’s conquest when his daughter Danny’s the dreamer foresaw the doom of Valyria he moved to Dragonstone he brought with him his entire family and his five dragons now four of these dragons died on Dragonstone presumably of old age and in the 114 years that the Targaryen resided on Dragonstone only two more dragons were hatched so right from the beginning the Targaryen had trouble producing dragons even when their blood was supposedly the most pure so pure nostalgia a guns so what’s going on well let’s take a look at the family tree which george RR martin has specifically given us in the world of Ice and Fire and there’s some interesting aspects to it so NIV exile and an unknown wife have game in the glorious and Danis the dreamer game in the glorious and Aeneas the dreamer then marry and have egg on the zero and Elena I’m calling him egg on the zero because he comes before Aegon the first as we can see the family is perfectly inbred and yet they’re having trouble hatching dragons Haigh on the zero and Elena then have a bunch of descendants that become Lords of Dragonstone and then die off really quickly first it’s Meghan then Ares the zero then Alex then bail on the zero and then nephew Damian the text is ambiguous to whether or not there’s also an uncle Damian either uncle or nephew Damian then had Aryan zero and Aryan had Aegon the conquerer not to bore you guys because the point isn’t that important but I think it’s more likely that there is an uncle Damian without one the generations are pretty crowded Davis the dreamer arrives on Dragonstone as a maiden in 114 BC and Visenya is born in around 28 BC so you’d need about 19-year generations but with an uncle Damian the timeline isn’t that crowded and you’d only need twenty four year generations but again not that important what is important is why Meghan Aerys zero Alex Bale on 0 and nephew Damian died so quickly and they didn’t die simultaneously in some plague no each of them became Lord of Dragonstone and then died in succession why well I do have a theory during the dance of the Dragons a bastard named Adam of Hull proved to be a dragon rider he was then named heir to drift mark it seemed important to a Valyrian house that a dragon rider be their leader and so I imagine this was important for House Targaryen as well I find it likely that Meaghan Aries 0 Alex Balin 0 and nephew Damian all became Lords of Dragonstone felt it necessary to ride a dragon and attempted to mount one and they were all burned to death and now let’s go back and try to figure out everyone’s genetics I hope you all remember your punnett square from school now NR the exile owned five Dragons so it’s almost certain that he was a dragon rider and his wife probably rode one as well since the Targaryen were having trouble hatching dragons I’m going to say that she was not double dragon X now nr would pass on his Y chromosome to Gaiman and I would say because Gaiman was Lord of Dragonstone and called the glorious he got lucky and got his mother’s dragon X gene de nies got her dragon x gene from her father and was unlucky and got a regular gene from her mother the next generation seems to have worked out the same Hague on got a y from his father and a dragon X gene from his mother Elena got a dragon X from her father and a regular from her mother the next generation was not too lucky though the boys naturally took a Y from their father but then got unlucky and got Elena’s regular gene Aries 0 then married someone without any dragon abilities and thus none of his children had dragon abilities either it seems House Targaryen salvation was Damien marrying a woman with a dragon X gene perhaps a sister of Meaghan and Ares zero in fact I’d even say that this wife probably was double dragon ax taking one dragon X gene from Aegon 0 and 1 dragon X gene from Elena the reason I say this is that the Dragons MARAC cease and Veigar are born around this time Veigar was born in 51 BC and maxi’s is bigger so I’m assuming older now the fact that dragons are being born around the same time as other people losing the ability to ride dragons greatly supports the idea that Mendelian genetics is at work crossbreeding often produces a spread of genetic results and would makes sense if Damien’s wife hatched her own egg MARAC sees and then later hatched Aryans egg Veigar Damien would then pass on his Y to Arian zero and Damien’s wife would pass on one of her dragon X jeans making Aryan a dragon rider next area in zero Marysville a novel Orion G is half Targaryen on her mother’s side cluing us into the fact that she might have a dragon X gene and velena an Aryan 0 has Visenya Aegon and Rainey’s are conquerors now we know all three of them Visenya Aegon and Rainey’s are dragon riders so they all have dragon X genes and we’re also pretty sure that the three of them can’t hatch dragons Hagen and Rainey’s definitely claimed dragons that were older than them which means the eggs in their cradle didn’t hatch thus any as dragon Mrak sees is probably older as well as it’s bigger than veigar additionally the sunniest child maegor the cruel didn’t hatch a dragon egg either and Visenya was around that egg all the time being makers mother so it seems Aegon got his dragon x gene from his mother while Visenya and Rainey’s got their dragon x genes from their father and that’s 100 years of genetic history for House Targaryen are you ready for more only 300 more years to go next comes the conquerors of Westeros Aegon Rhaenys and Visenya all of them seem to be Dragon Riders but none of them seemed to be dragon Hatcher’s in fact at the time of conquest a dragon hadn’t hatched for 50 years now Visenya and Aegon have maegor the cruel while ray nice and Aegon have a nice the first again both maegor and a nice are Dragon Riders but it doesn’t seem that they are dragon Hatcher’s maegor inherits balerion the black dread and amy’s has given the hatchling Quicksilver no it’s hard to say where the dragon Quicksilver came from all we know is that Quicksilver was given to a nice when he was a young boy we know ray nice doesn’t have the ability to hatch a dragon as she claimed a dragon perhaps Visenya hatched him but then again why didn’t she hatch may Gore’s cradle egg unless Quicksilver was makers cradle egg but if he were why wasn’t he given to make or perhaps Quicksilver was hatched by someone back on Dragonstone like Damian’s wife anyway back to the genetics so being Dragon Riders mega and Amy’s would have each inherited their dragon X gene from their mothers and Aegon would have passed them a normal y chromosome now just like his grandfather Haney’s marries a girl from house valerian who’s half Targaryen on her mother this again clues us into the fact that she might be carrying a dragon X gene now because both a nice and his wife ELISA valerian have a dragon X gene we should see a spread of abilities in their children and this does seem to happen a nice and ELISA have six children there’s dream fire Reina I call her this because she rides the dragon dream fire and there’s Quicksilver Aegon Aegon inherits Quicksilver from his father and then there’s Joe Harris and Alison who eventually become king and queen and then there’s Viserys zero and Veiler both of them die kind of young and we don’t hear anything about them with regard to dragons now the most interesting of them all is dream fire Reina the dragon dream fire appears in our story about the same time as Reina does Reina seems to be a dragon Hatcher and we know this because Aegon is the presumptive heir if anyone else had hatched a dragon the hatchling would have been given to Aegon the fact that reina is riding a dragon points to the fact that she hatched it herself Aegon the heir has to wait until his father dies in order to inherit Quicksilver and Rayna being a dragon Hatcher explains a lot in our story you see maegor the cruel wanted to marry reina but the faith of the seven protested and stopped the marriage why an uncle nice marriage is not usually considered incest quicksilver Aegon then married her and the faith protested again now yes this is incest but it’s still a bit odd protesting Aegon the conquerer married his sisters and no one said anything and later Jo Harris was able to marry his sister Alison without too much problem Reina is clearly special so special in fact that Meg or names her daughter err and that daughter was not make or his child so what’s going on well genetics gives a pretty good answer every female child between Reina a double dragon X and a dragon rider like Quicksilver Aegon or Meg or would produce a dragon Hatcher the daughter would take a dragon X gene from her mother and a dragon X gene from her father and every male child would at least be a dragon rider Reina marrying a dragon rider leads to nothing less than a dragon filled Targaryen age and that’s why maegor and Quicksilver Aegon wanted to marry her and why the faith of the seven was so against it religion was just the pretext for the faith’s war against maegor dragons was the real reason now dream fire Rana does have twin daughters with Quicksilver a gun this means that both of her daughters should be double dragon X which means they should have hatched their cradle eggs and so two more dragons should enter our story around 41 AC and sure enough the Dragons Verma Thor and Silver Wing appear around this time this pair of dragons even acts connected the two sleep together and Silverwing grows wild after Verma Thor does now perhaps this connection is because they’re later riders Joe Harrison Alassane were married however they didn’t have the best marriage suffering two estrangement I find it more likely that Verma Thor and Silverwing were connected because they were born at the same time from the eggs of the twins area and Rolla now we don’t know why but area and Rolla disappear from our story they are makers chosen heirs but instead Joe Harris and Alison take over and end up riding Verma Thor and Silverwing if Rolla and area survived their genes would be incredibly powerful however considering Joe Harrison Alassane end up riding Verma Thor and silver Wang I’m going to say they were probably killed now at this point of our story there are five living dragons there’s balerion the black dread vague our dream fire Verma Thor and Silver Wing Mrak sees was killed with Rainey’s the Conqueror and Quicksilver was killed with Quicksilver Aegon now I bring this up because during the reign of Johar ease the conciliator the number of rideable dragons increases to vi vi rideable dragon being me lys who is hatched by Jo Harris’s granddaughter Rainey’s and I say rideable because two wild dragons also appear during this time sheep stealer and gray ghost now yes there’s also cannibal but no one knows where cannibal came from some people think he predated they are the Exile a tenth dragon that’s described as neither old nor young during the dance of the Dragons is qurac sees I imagine he was born late in Jo Harris’s reign now Jo Harris and Alison had 13 children four boys died in infancy and so we have nine that grew to adulthood of the nine children six were daughters and so statistically speaking half of these girls should be dragon Hatcher’s they would all take a dragon x gene from their father and half of them would also take a dragon x gene from their mother now if I were to guess which daughters with the dragon Hatcher’s I would say it was visera Miguel and Sara daemon targaryen eventually rides coax ease so whoever hatched crack sees must have died and sheep stealer and gray ghost never bond with a new mount this may be because miguel joined the faith of the seven and Sara ran away to e sews sheep stealer and gray ghost riders were still alive and that’s why they wouldn’t bond with a new rider now I find it awfully suspicious that so many of Joe Harris and Alison’s children met tragic ends and I also find it suspicious that the faith of the seven would be interested in Miguel and Sara has SEPTA’s Miguel and Sara would not be having children now Sara didn’t wanna become a septa so she ran away to first lice and then old volantis her genes were powerful so let’s not forget that she existed now of the other twelve children of Joe Harris and Alassane only four end up having children there is a man who is killed by pirates Bale on the brave Alyssa and Dayla now both Amon and Balin were named by Joe Harris as his heir at some point so I imagine they’re both dragon riders and received a dragon X gene from their mother eventually Alyssa has a child that doesn’t seem to be a dragon rider so she seems to only have one dragon X gene Dayla could be single or double dragon axe but let’s just go with single X for now now Aegon killed by pirates eventually marries Jocelyn Baratheon now one wouldn’t think that a Baratheon would have a dragon X gene but Jocelyn’s mother was a list of valerian who is half Targaryen and it seems that Jocelyn got a dragon X gene from her mother and then passed it on to her daughter Rhaenys the queen who never was Rhaenys has definitely double dragon x as she hatches the dragon me Lise now when Amon is finally killed by pirates Rhaenys is passed over for the throne in favor of bail on the brave now this is against the wishes of Queen Alassane so I imagine that Joe Harris is taking the advice of his hand Septon barth his Septon barth trying to prevent a dragon age meanwhile bail on the brave marries Elissa and has three children this series the first Dame in the rogue Prince and aegon the forgettable now both Viserys and Damon are dragon riders so it seems they got a dragon X gene from their mother we don’t hear about Aegon the forgettable writing anything so I imagine he got a regular gene from his mother no Dayla marries Rodrick Aaron and together they have Emma Aaron now it’s likely that Dayla passed on to Emma a dragon X gene has Viserys and Emma have rhaenyra who hatches Cyrax Rijn era is of course the center of the dance of the Dragons and the titular princess in the princess and the Queen like Rainey’s before her she was inexplicably passed over for the throne Renier as appearance also coincides with a massive change in House Targaryen history prior to Renier ax the number of rideable dragons had fallen to 6 after rhaenyra it spikes to 18 Renier ax was clearly a special woman which is why there was war and that’s 200 years of Targaryen genetic history we’ll get into the dance the dragons and a Blackfyre rebellion in part 2 you


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