Abandoned Bulldog Teaches Himself How To Walk | The Dodo Comeback Kids S02E02

I saw Bueller on the news. – When he looked into the camera,
it is him looking at us. That kind of sealed the deal. Bueller was abandoned by a breeder and
dropped off in a box to the SPCA. He was in really bad shape. The first time we examined
Bueller we were very concerned, because he couldn’t walk at all. It’s an issue that breeders breed a
dog that has a congenital defect. And so they relinquish
it to a shelter. We’re very even-keeled people. But when
you see Bueller’s face at six weeks old and the only option the
breeder offered to the SPCA was he was gonna put him down, that is probably the most heartbreaking
thing you could ever hear. We could right away see
he wanted to live. We agreed, okay, it might be a lot
of work but let’s give it a try. We tried water therapy. It allows their legs to be moving
in a more natural position, because he’s not having
to hold his weight up. We’re trying a bunch
of different things. Bueller has this determination
to get what he wants. He took all these trials and
tribulations in stride. He’s just a trusting
soul at heart. -There we go! The first time he could even hold his
weight up with his feet under him, that was a big milestone. That’s where we saw that, okay,
here’s the first step toward success. The first time we saw him actually walking,
all of us were just about in tears. That was pretty awesome. Yeah. ‘Cause, you know, you never know. You’re
never quite sure we’re gonna get there. ♫ It was like, he is gonna
have a good life. We had just lost our dog
a few months prior. Not having noise, breathing and
snoring, and nails on the floor. Not having that was deafening.
It was too quiet. We just weren’t sure if we were
gonna ever get another dog, because of the feeling
on the final days. But then we thought to ourselves,
for the nine years before that, how much happiness he
brought to our lives. – It was something we really
had to think about. But we wanted to be a
part of Bueller’s journey and wanted him to be a
part of our family. I couldn’t sleep
the night before. I was kind of like a
kid on Christmas. Like, you know the next day is
gonna be one of the best days. They put him in my lap. And I
think he was nervous like me. The staff, the
doctors, vet techs, everybody who was involved
in Bueller’s recovery, they all said their goodbyes in the
hopes they would see him again. We were all very, very proud
of the work we did for him. Here was a family who was gonna
love him to death just as he is. It’s like taking a child home from
the hospital in the first days. He’s your kid, and you can
do nothing but smile. He was a little, maybe, timid
on the first couple days. But after that, it was
off to the races. – The first place we really
took him was the beach. He didn’t know what to do about
the water, but he loved the sand. His first time seeing the ocean.
He loved it. He still had some
trouble walking. He was very, very willing
to work on himself. We would train him with a ball,
strengthening his muscles. – Is that your ball? Your ball? We saw a difference within the
first few months of getting him. You could see Bueller becoming
a more confident dog. He knew that there are
things he could do now. And he could run more, he could
go to the dog park more. Bueller’s such a strong fighter,
and never once gave up on that. [whistling] – Come on.
Breakfast? We’ve had him for two years now. Every morning, Bueller will steal
Kobe’s food if there’s any morsel left. Kobe doesn’t real mind, either. We call Kobe “Shadow.” Everywhere
Bueller goes, Kobe shadows. He feels safe with Bueller. Bueller’s always happy. He loves going
on walks, going to the dog park. He loves to go to the pet store. He loves car rides. He loves people.
He loves food. First and foremost, he loves food.
– Loves food. – He definitely has
a favorite toy. He has a glow-in-the-dark
green ball. It’s a part of him.
It’s like his baby. It really helps with training,
and keeping his muscles strong. He’s always pushed himself.
And he’s kind of a little force to
be reckoned with. Sure, he’ll take a nap along
the way here and there. But he’s full of life. – You done for the day? Come on. We are going right now
to the Sacramento SPCA, where we were fortunate
enough to adopt Bueller. Now we’re gonna go back to show
our support, and bring toys. They gave to Bueller, so
now he’s giving back. – These? [Laughter] We want to have surgery
on his back right leg. His leg isn’t as strong
as it should be. – That’s a definite.
That one might have to be for you, for your surgery. Seeing everybody is just gonna
energize him for his surgery coming up in a couple weeks. ♫ – Go on! – Come on. Come on.
– Let’s go. ♫ – Remember it? – Bueller? Look at you go, honey!
I’m so happy to see you. Look at you walking,
like a big boy. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. [laughter] You want to meet Furiosa? – So cute. Her leg
looks like yours used to. – She was found by a good Samaritan,
hanging from a chained link fence. We saw that same spark of life,
this will to live in her. Bueller’s an inspiration
to us, to keep going. To try things we haven’t done before,
to help animals that we might have otherwise given up on. We say, “Remember Bueller? We did
it before, we can do it again.” “This one’s just a little bit harder.
Let’s push a little bit.” “Let’s push the envelope, see
what we can accomplish.” He’s looking at him
like, “You made it?” “It was worth it?” They have this will to live. They
have this — you know, joie de vivre. That gives us the will and
the energy to keep going. [laughter] – Wanna tell ’em what you brought?
– Oooh. – Is that for her?
– Ooh, thank you. – And this one. – So, are your favorite ones?
Oh, those are for the — – Oh, okay.
– Yep. Yep. [laughter] – Want to taste them first?
[laughter] Well, thank you for coming, Bueller.
Oh. [Laughter] It’s so delightful to see him enjoying
his life, knowing how far he’s come. – This is where people brought
Bueller treats and toys and food just to
help him out. So now we get to give
back along with Bueller. Hopefully one day people like
myself will just see the potential in these great dogs
that are there. And it’ll bring such a happiness
to whoever needs that extra little bit of love
in their house. The staff, their time,
patience and love is what brought Bueller
back and walking. Big day. You got this, big guy. We are going to go pick up Bueller
after a successful surgery. So we are extremely
excited to go see him. – Hi, B. Hi. Say hi, everybody.
Speaking of high. Yeah. [laughter] – We’re good. We’re real good.
– We’re doing good. Bueller did so great
during the entire surgery. – After the surgery, he
didn’t sleep very well. And so Alex and Bueller and
Kobe camped on the couch. – Bueller can not fall asleep
without his head on my chest. – He’s recovering nicely.
He loves his octopus. He’s getting his strength back. – There is nothing that’s
gonna stand in his way. From the beginning, he’s
worked so hard. So hard. And it does pay off. – He really does live his life
to the absolute fullest. – You cannot have a bad day
with him touching your life. ♫


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