Adopting a polynimbus cloud strategy to meet customer demands

(Music) Acxiom focuses on making data-driven decisions, or enabling data-driven decisions, for our clients. We collect data, often anywhere from ten to hundreds of different feeds of data spread across multiple industries, multiple channels, ultimately to help bring our client’s brand to the consumer. As more and more clients want to do business in the cloud, our platform has to be in the cloud, so we have a lot of folks who have very quickly moved from a traditional skillset, in traditional databases, traditional servers, traditional operations, just a traditional way of doing things, and they’ve had to very quickly adapt that to a cloud tech stack. In order to be in the cloud, you need to show, especially for our clients, they want to know are we secure, do we have their data secured, are we well architected, is it redundant, and so we knew that we needed to show those things. Pluralsight usage was a big part of that because it allowed our teams to be able to go and absorb a lot of the content and really pace themselves on a track to get official certifications from these different cloud vendors. Pluralsight has some key partnerships that really play into our tech stack and really help us get where we’re going. The AWS content is a great example of that. We recognize that not one cloud is a solution for the industry. We also recognize that sometimes clients require multiple cloud providers to produce the solutions that they’re looking for. What we try to do is focus on technologies that can actually span all three of them so that it doesn’t matter where we’re at, we’re using similar technologies that work across. We often look to Pluralsight to find those types of technologies, so thinking about MongoDB instead of DocumentDB, thinking about Qubole instead of EMR. Ultimately, leveraging those types of technologies across is the winning strategy for us.

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