Adoption in Manila Philippines – Picking Up Ally Karylle

Aviation Regulations require you to comply Finally Yeah. Nathan, Mandy, and Steve She said just to send you the itinerary and so we decided they have a … yeah (laughter) Hey Anna lets go to in your room I am going to go find the.. potty Um Mom if you could call Mellanie Dad OK then we will eat at Jolly Bee’s again and then can you put that away buddy (Tagolag) so is this where the children live? Yeah. Just in the back Um, OK. Thank you Jase is a little nervous. OK I want to introduce to you the foster Mother. Oh yeah, hello. This is nubian. I am {Helando Gataign} (spelling) Hi (Tagolag) We have a gift we want to give to her Do you want me to go get it? Is it in your bag? Is everything in your big bag? Let me go get it We just wanted to say thank you for helping Karyl. And this is, we made Its upside down this Picture of Karyl! A picture with Karyl and her family in America. Thank you hmm, get in there, enter the social worker yes Sorry ready on three two one and go (Karyl: Tagolag) {Social Worker: Tagolag) 13 13 (Anna: Ally) (Social worker: Karyl, Karyl) It’s summer and it’s hot Oh you want to show me. Here’s the lid Where are we going? she will get that when… laughing Ally: bye bye foster Mom: bye bye bye bye to you again This is good I can stretch my legs (van horn honking) (Ally Laughing) (Tagolag) Honk! Honk! Laughing Dad: Did she go Honk Honk? laughing (Tagolag {translate me please}) Wheres mommy? Let’s go. Let’s eat. Steven… Steven! Ally: Lets swim? Ally: swimming pool is Big Ally: over there daddy Dad: Anna. Anna. Ally: Anna Dad: Anna Ally: Anna Ally: very nice hand writing Steven, she is typing Ally: You were riding, mommy Ally: There! mommy Mom: you see me again? Ally: You! Ally: Mommy said. sit sit sit sit sit sit we’re gonna, I can’t remember Ally: so big do you want to stay here? Ally: I’m gonna kick you Ally: here here Ally: does she sleep restless,frisky, (malikot) Ally: Oh. Me.. Ally: I was getting poked at (napapatusok)

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