Adoptions by Gladney – Lauren + Fred Want To Adopt

Hi potential birth mommy. My name is Lauren and this here is Benji
and I’m Fred. We’re so thankful that
you’re taking a few minutes to watch our video and that you
were looking through our book and learning more
about our family. We just wanted to take a few
minutes to tell you about ourselves and let you see
us live and in living color, so to speak. So about a year ago,
we got Mr. Benji here and it was the most
fantastic thing that’s ever happened to
us in our entire life. And it certainly was for me. I had a birthday, Benji
was born and Father’s Day was a few days after so it was a wonderful
experience and is continuing to be a wonderful
experience with him. Yeah, I think the biggest
surprise about being a parent is you just don’t have any
idea how much you can love and how much food he can stuff
in his mouth and how much food he can eat. So we just want to tell you
a little bit about ourselves while Benji here. He just turned 13 months old,
and he runs the household basically. And I am a doctor of sorts. I am
a neuroscientist at a hospital locally in the
Midwest and I take care of patients that
have had brain damage and I learn how the brain damage
is affecting their daily lives and I help to come up with
treatment plans for them. And I own a European
car dealership where we do maintenance, sales,
restorations, modifications on European cars. My actually true passion
is the old antique cars. I absolutely love taking care
of old cars restoring them back to life, and give them proper
attention that they need. Daddy’s a gearhead. So family life is pretty much a
routine at this point in time. Mommy and daddy get home
from work around 5:00 and then the nightly
adventure begins. Mommy likes to run and I push him in
a giant stroller. It looks like a hot dog cart. And then what happens daddy. We make dinner. We love cooking. And when I say
we, I mean Lauren. And yes I’m spoiled to death. She makes breakfast,
lunch, and dinner all super healthy. And even Benji, we
cook for him as well. He’s a connoisseur of
foods at this point. On the weekends we like to go to the park. We get to have a pool in the
backyard, which is pretty cool so we go swimming when
it’s warm enough for that. We do a lot of hiking as well. and we absolutely
love the outdoors. Can’t get enough of that. We’re big animal
lovers around here so pets are certainly a
huge part of our family and Benji has many
furry friends that he likes to interact with as well. So that’s kind of
a glimpse into us. We don’t want to bore you
with too much of your time, but certainly thank you for
watching us for a few minutes and meeting the man
of the household. We cannot wait to add another
member to our family. Mr. Benji is going to be an amazing. Are you going to be an
amazing big brother? Are you going to be an
amazing big brother? He’s got a mouthful
of food right now. So, thank you again so much.

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