African American Ancestry DNA Test (I am white?!)

Yuri: So, before this video What do you think is your race, Bruce: uh i’m i’m pretty sure I’ve got a pretty good idea it’s about 40% african, Wakandan i know that because my mom is with Wakandan so… evacuate the city deploy all your forces and get this man she Wakandan forev- it hey guys this is bruce and i’m about To do the ancestry dna test this is the first in a series that we’re gonna do about dna testing me african-american my wife is a filipina and She’s gonna do hers on the next part of the series so this should be really interesting we’ve been discovering different like tools, you can use to actually pinpoint other tighter regions of where your dna came from So before I start, thumbs up for this video and like and subscribe This actually was like a month ago actually submitted all my stuff, i had to do well i’ll just show you so check it out this is past bruce take it away past bruce alright so i just got this dna was a debate between this one 23andMe Speaking of 23andMe… found out youtubers i watch Mazelee, so they just did one of these. I just worked this like Two three days ago and they just released this video where you Joe Lee found out he might be north korean he went missing up Boom, active a kit on the line The other dna collection bag all right Woah… thanks past Bruce it’s me i’m back This is not the kit I actually used actually used this kit is actually for Yuri She’s, gonna be spitting in there and you’ll see that in the next episode so let’s get to this oh before this video What do you think is your race know so i know for a fact my mom’s about she’s like 30% like from congo and that area i know that they can only get a certain region like they can’t pinpoint like tribes or anything but they can get like a region of where you’re from it’s kind of speculation because it’s based off patterns of your dna from what i know So i was reading about it and some people are saying oh it’s fake dna is fake but no it’s definitely real because my sister and my mom took the dna test from ancestry. LIke they didn’t put their real names in and it automatically linked them together and it linked all of like other cousins and stuff So my mom she never met her dad i should put it that way But when she put her information in there she was able to find her dad is passed away like in the 90s or something but She was able to find all the descendants from him and they were All linked to her and she’s like who are all these people and then found out all those people that she was she had like sister like, An auntie like all these people like lived around the same area amazing and then for sure it’s real because she looks just like them it’s crazy She looks just like them like there’s a 90 year old lady Their face looks the same my mom 60-plus this lady is 90 and their face looks the same and so yeah for sure There’s something to it – the dna testing for absolutely sure so what i think i am i’m gonna be like 30% african and like a little bit of a white so Yuri: What if you have sisters and brothers so you’re gonna meet them? i don’t even know if i want to put this on the? internet i don’t really i never met my father So for sure i’m gonna see other family members that i’ve never met possibly brothers and sisters that i never Met so to me the most exciting thing the craziest part about all this is that i may actually be able to find my father Which i like i said i don’t even know where he is i never met him nothing like that So here goes Signing in right now to Ancestry yes, so the results here Wow this is crazy so it says that i am 38% cameroon congo and southern Bantu people, wow that’s amazing, so they can only like do a region that can’t do tribes or anything which is unfortunate but So carol-, oh So i think that says south Carolina because a lot of because they’re in the slave trade a lot of Africans from that region were sent over there like i said that’s this isn’t surprising because my mom spits into my mom’s Yeah, you got to boggle 26% mali 12% england and wales 12% what’s funny about this is that my family always thought that we were part Indian and so my sister was the first one to start doing this and she says she was 0% indian we were like WHAT?! we’re like that’s impossible so cuz if you look at our the old pictures of my not we’ll put the pictures up But you look at the old pictures of my family they look part something and i i was always totally a part indian but apparently it’s a lot of white 12% freaking crazy I’m gonna start colonizing as soon as possible ivory coast garna ireland and scotland that’s freaking crazy ireland is scotland’s 5% eastern europe 1% russian what the hippy right that cannot be 1% nigerian wow i’m i’m pretty shocked my next step is Is to actually look at if there’s any connections To my family i don’t know if there’s a lot of this i can show on youtube? you know cuz i think maybe i’m not sure how much that they would want i’m not sure how much i can put on youtube of that But well we’ll see wow this is amazing so according this it’s it’s about 38% cameron 26% togo 12% molly Well % england and wales i mean i’m freaking that’s that’s that’s amazing? 1% eastern russia eastern europe and russia wow 5% scottish in ireland i’m shocked Ok, so the next one i’m gonna do is i’m gonna go to search like i said i’m not sure how much this i’m gonna show online But the one the part that i’m? really curious about is if It’s gonna connect me with other people because it should like i said i don’t know whole that’s a whole side 50% of my family that i don’t know i don’t know anything from my dad’s side so Yuri: If your father is there would you meet him? If he was up for it yep i wouldn’t- i would i’d do it if he was up for it search?? Dna matches right so it immediately connects me to my mom it says has my mom’s name there and it says immediate family member parent high likelihood so i’m gonna keep gonna keep scrolling here my sister high likelihood Close family it says first cousins but that’s my sister so then it’s got, some other people wow I don’t know who this is… there’s some people popping up that i don’t know that is So there’s two people in the dna match that are extremely close cousins that i either they’re my either as a brother and sister or some extremely close cousin because the thing is that we would be half brother and sister half brother or half sister so it’s breaking down the possibility of my it’s called my first cousin it’s saying the grandparents we would have been oh okay so if these would be the children of my my father’s brother that makes any sense… Mean i think for a fee they Allow you to do a deeper dive but i don’t really i don’t really want to do that right now no it’s weird is this guy’s name i Don’t know so yeah, so my dad’s name was read let’s record this this is crazy trust definitely your brother think so? you’re a different cuz you look like mom you know the funny thing is years ago well we were still dating i asked my husband you know what if one day you know don’t you want to meet your dad in person find your dad and my husband’s like Uhh…I have already given up… LOL did i say that? it’s like now it’s gonna be easier I don’t know What i’m gonna do is contact this guy and umm i don’t know this asking questions i bet you i can find them on facebook I’m sure, since everybody’s in facebook yeah but, for now i’m just gonna go ahead send message oh my gosh this is exciting Baby he does not look like you but the thing is you you know your face looks like mom you know so alright guys there’s a lot more research for me to do To contact these people that that have come up on my dna matches pretty exciting make sure you watch this series come back check on our channel again when we released the second part to this where my wife Who is a filipino Is gonna check her ancestry we were very curious about How much- yeah come on how we’re very curious about how much spanish she has iberian So that’s we’re extremely curious but you said that you- how much do you think you have i’m filipino! haha a hundred percent under percent Filipino okay we’re gonna check that. on the next one in fact let’s go ahead and you want to do the box right now yeah here I’m like i’m excited but at the same time i’m disappointed this you know you’re gonna be part colonizer To be proud proud of all of your heritage well If i choose a peer race then yeah i want to be filipino But, i’m also aware that my cousin’s it looks like


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