Am I REALLY Hispanic? DNA Test Results!!

– All right, I am super
excited to this one today. – I’m excited.
– We are going to the house of my best friend, one of my all time best friends since, like, seventh grade in
school, and I’m an old dude. 23andMe reached out to us and they decided to sponsor this video. – [Lincoln] It’s these guys. – One of the coolest things
that we did this last year is we found out what
our ancestry history is, and it was really cool. Do you know what 23 means? – 23?
– Why it’s called 23andMe? – I think the 23 is because it’s LeBron James and Michael Jordon’s number. (buzzing) – No, it’s not that. (laughing) Good guess, 23 is because, in our body, our DNA is made up of 23 chromosomes. – Chromosomes. – I thought it’d be a super cool gift to give somebody the gift of their DNA. Today, we goin’ over to my buddy’s house. – [Lincoln] We are here. – [Man] This is his house right here. This is Jeff. This is Andrew. This is Michael. This is Brooklyn. This is Madison. This is Baby. – Baby, say hi. – I always call baby Baby. And this is Kristin, Jeff’s wife. This is the interesting thing. So, you’re probably wonderin’, like, why did we choose my
buddy Jeff and his family. Because here’s another interesting thing. What’s your last name? – Umm, I don’t know. – [Man] What’s your last name? She doesn’t know. Do you know your last name? – Sanchez. – [Man] Sanchez. Sanchez, Sanchez, Sanchez,
(bell ringing) Sanchez, these are all Sanchezes. – Sanchez. – [Man] Yeah, Sanchez. You’re, like, the tallest
Sanchez I have ever met. – That’s right, so people come up to me and I tell them my name is
Sanchez, and they’re like, “Why are you 6-4 and white?” A lot of times I feel, like, pressured into explaining why my name is Sanchez, but I don’t, I’m not equipped to do it. I don’t know, I don’t have the information I need to be able to explain that. – Do you have any idea, like,
what your family history is? – There’s obviously some
Hispanic there, somehow. My dad’s last name is Sanchez. He was born in New Mexico,
but I don’t really, his parents were born in New Mexico, his grandparents were born in New Mexico, but I don’t really know
anything past that. Apparently there’s rumors of some Indian something in there, there’s rumors of Swedish in there on my dad’s side. – [Man] Kristin. – Yes. – [Man] Where’s your family from? – Idaho. – Idaho, and what about
(talking drowns out speaker) your parents’ parents? – Idaho, straight Idaho. – So, it’s a mystery. I don’t know, this is gonna be a mystery. So, we have two of the kits. We’re gonna give one for
Jeff, one for Kristin, and basically all you do,
you guys may know the drill, but you spit in the vial, you
fill it up to a certain line, you register your kit online, and then you just send it off to 23andMe. You can learn all these different things. Not just where you’re from, but, like, how much your DNA
influences your hair color, how much your DNA
influences, I don’t know, just the way you look,
the way that you are, your personality traits, and then, also, how much
Neanderthal you have in you. – I have no clue.
– Are we taking any bets? – [Man] What you say? – Sanchez. – Sanchez. (uptempo music) You have to fill it to the black line. It looks like a lot, but,
really, the bottom section is empty, so it’s,
like, less than an inch. It’s gonna be a race. Don’t worry, we’re not gonna
show them spitting on camera. Maybe. Is this weird that your
parents are spitting in a tube? How’s it goin’ over there, guys? (child yelling) – It’s good, I’m just gettin’ some more. – I think I’m winning. (laughing) – Not anymore.
– Ooo. – [Man] Winner. – Dang it. – [Man] Sorry, Kristin. Close the top. (child laughing) And then, it’ll, that
liquid will break in it. – The spit funnel? – [Man] Let’s fill the spit funnel. – There it is. – [Man] Boom, fit it in this. – That’s easy. – [Man] Okay, put it in
the box, let’s see it. For you, it’ll be, like, this same video in, like, a few seconds, but for us, it’s gonna be
like, I don’t know how long. So, it’s been a few weeks later. Do I look older? Lincoln, you look older. Does Lincoln look older? He lost, like, four teeth,
honestly, in the last few weeks. – I know I think I lost, like, six maybe? Six teeth? – After we did the samples
with Jeff and his family, we went outside and we dressed up his little son Andrew as Darth Vader. Maybe you guys saw that, like, what’s inside of a light saber. (dramatic music) (electronic buzzing) – [Andrew] I am your father. – Ahh! – That’s pretty much what happened. I got the email a couple
days ago from Jeff saying hey, my results are in, and I said do not look at them at all. Wait till we get there. So, it’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon, great day to go over there and finally figure out where
this Jeff Sanchez comes from. Off camera, we have given 23andMe to a ton of our friends and family so that they could test
out what their DNA is. And, it’s been a really, really cool gift, whether it’s Father’s Day or
Mother’s Day or a birthday, and you’re lookin’ for
something that’s unique and something that’s meaningful, I feel like this fits
in that category of just like a super meaningful
gift to give somebody insight into who they are,
like, what’s inside of you. We’re about to show you with your DNA. Look at all these kids. There’s Darth Vader. What does Darth Vader say? – I am your father. – [Man] That’s right. I smell something. Madison, you’re not supposed
to eating those yet. Oh, you’re in big trouble. She nibbled at that one right there. – [Jeff] Madison. – [Man] What do you think you’re doin’?
– She nibbled. – Yum.
– There’s 100. – [Man] Are you ready for this, Jeff? – I’m ready for it. – Jeff’s always been my Hispanic friend, and I’m about to find
out that he might not be. (child babbling)
– Probably am still. – Yeah. (laughing) We’ll see. We got the whole crew here,
the whole Sanchez family, minus one, the baby’s sleeping. – View your report. Should I click on it? – [Man] That’s the spot. – All right, here it is. Oh, my goodness. – [Child] Oh, uhh. – I might not be your – You’re not really, like,
– Hispanic friend. – a real Sanchez.
(laughing) – Is Spain Hispanic, okay. Jeff Sanchez, or some
would say Sanchez, is – 85.6% European.
– 85.6% European. (laughing and yelling) – But I am also 12% Native
American or East Asian. I’m 9.5% Native American. I would like to–
– 9.5 Native American? – [Several] Yeah. – I would like to know, like, what tribe or group of Native Americans, but, that’s just a small
piece, so, I’m also– – [Kristin] That’s crazy. – [Jeff] I’m also 1% Middle
Eastern and North African and .3% Sub-Saharan African. But, the main idea here is
that I am 85.6% European. And, let’s break that down a little bit. So, 51.1% Northwestern European, so that’s British and Irish mostly. – [Man] You’re more than half. – 29.6 British and Irish, 4.6 Scandinavian, 4% French and German and then 12.8% broadly
Northwestern European. 28% Southern European, so Iberian, Iberian peninsula
– Iberian. – is where Spain and Portugal are. – [Man] That’s most likely Sanchez. No?
– Yeah. – Yeah?
– It’s gotta be, right? The biggest surprise so far is I was expecting to be
almost half Hispanic. There’s nothing here from
Central or South America. – All right, Kristin from Idaho. – [Jeff] She’s 99.7%– (laughing) – [Kristin] Oh, my God. – 99.7% European.
(laughing) – Whoa. – There she is. – Whoa. – [Jeff] 49.2% British and Irish, 20% French and German, 6% Scandinavian and 22.4% broadly Northwestern European. – Wow.
– And that’s crazy. – You are, like, French,
German, British, Irish. You’re from right there.
– I’m all of them. – Jeff’s been my best
friend since seventh grade, so, it’s pretty cool to be able to give him a gift of
his DNA and his history. It’s something that you’ve
always wondered, right? – I’ve wondered about
that for my entire life, but I’ve never really
been able to understand why I don’t look like the typical Sanchez. – If you guys would like to
try 23andMe for yourself, you can use Give it as a gift to a family member or a friend or try it for yourself. It’s kinda cool to know
where you came from and know what your body’s made up of. – We’ve got a tri-tip. – That sounds good.


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