wow guys I was accurate im 11% @!?!#%@?# Hi guys so I’m back finally I am currently refurbishing my channel and
I am going to get a better background soon so don’t worry about
that. I just wanted to make tis video because my DNA results came back from as you can tell by the title
of this video and I am about to find out where I am from..
kind of.. I am obviously not going to take these results
to heart because I know I am Libyan Libyan and was raised Libyan so thats the end of
that but I just want to know where my roots are from. I feel like I am going to get a large percent
from Middle East because I watched a few other videos and they got that too which makes sense
because we are all from the Middle East anyway. I am really excited and I hope you like this
video I am going o be checking my results online
os there will be a screen showing my results. so lets go. I am so nervous why is it not letting me see them let me put my password in I just made an account for a second there I thought I did something
wrong ok found it what is going on I don’t even know how to use thism is there
a tutorial. wow guys I was accurate
oh my god I am 11% Nigerian. wow oh my gosh
hang on a second. im 71% Middle East, ok but where in the Middle
East because thats o broad. I want to go deeper how do I go deeper can
I not go deeper. I want to go deeper into this, ok well I cant so
no Egypt or Tunisia im not shocked by Africa north because him
Libyan but why is it only 13% why is Nigeria 11% thats o random
I think theres a Nigerian in my family somehow wow Im so shocked im not shocked by other African countries
i’m just shocked that Nigeria is highest I have no American in me which is absolutely
fine I don’t need any of that haha im just joking, my true colours are showing
in this video. I have no Asian in me. I have no European
in me which im not shocked by at all. im a little shocked I don’t have any asian in me. guys im a bit annoyed because I want to see
more. if this is what I payed for I’m a bit disappointed. ooh lets see if I have any DNA matches. Oh see this is my cousin,, she is my 3rd or
4th cousin well actually she’s my 2nd cousin but ok. they paired us up which should ahem happened
anyway an then these random people that I don’t know
I don’t really want to get in touch with them but its nice to now that there there incase
my family backfires. I’m kidding I’m just kidding
im a bit disappointed that I cant go further but I guess thats limitedly science.
but wow I’m only from this area. im so shocked by Nigeria, I’m not shocked,
well I’m shocked that I am Nigerian. well I’m not Nigerian I’m Libyan but shocked that
11% of me is Nigerian because why that out of all African countries. don’t get me wrong
theres nothing wrong with Nigeria but I’m just curious. Imo very curious. There must be someone from Nigeria who came
to Libya, well maybe not Libya maybe Middle East because im not even 100% Libyan. I am shocked we have nothing fro Asia though.
Hanan and Amanney are in the room and they are being really loud.
it sounds like I am by myself but they’re here. im shocked we don’t have any asian in us. I don’t know but it linked me to Amna I am shocked by Nigeria and the ration of
Africa north to Middle East w are. but I’m not shocked too as we are not amazing
so Africa north wouldn’t be that high anyway. but wow Nigeria that is so cool that is so
random but thats my DNA results. If you are Libyan and you’ve done this please
tell me what you got because I am interested about the Libyan range and if you’re not Libyan
let me know because him actually really interested what other people got This one is quite strange because im only
from 3 places some people got so many percentages but we are Middle East, Africa north and Nigerian. we have a Nigerian ancestor is my guess.
I don’t know how this works even though I study boiled. like I know how they did the
test but I don’t think its that accurate because they just checked which DNA bases matched
the ones that have roots. I already knew what was going on I just cant
do it myself because I don’t have a lab. I thought it went deeper but It did not. I
guess they cant determine that because of the science. I think it was nice to know but it was a bit
of a waste of money, I wouldn’t recommend doing it unless you don’t have a family and
you don’t know where you’re from then do it. thank you guys so much or watching I hope
this video was fun. I am going to be uploading every Sunday from
now on which is my usual schedule anyway and yh
I am really exited and hopefully u have more exciting videos to come
Please subscribe to my Chanel, like this video and follow me on instagram I am trying to
liven it up a bit so please follow me on instagram. bye


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