An Ocean View | Fire Emblem: Three Houses Ep.38 (First Playthrough, Blind, Let’s Play)

yo hi and welcome my name’s Daniel in
our career back to let’s play fire emblem free hustles in the last episode
we did the peril of oil and water and yeah now we’re gonna do another Power
Lock and all from you is what we’re gonna do in this part because flame top
priority and all that and yeah I thought I had to accept this quest and will give
me like an option to save but I can just press X and I’m in here yeah I’m stupid
didn’t had any supports I think I know why wait someone I I think Manuela yeah
my no Ella needs a new job but I can’t get new jobs in here
I can only reclass so ya can’t change that let’s go in here
Western Church extremists have taken over land sacred jewel but taking over
land sacred Tucci or one of the four Saints it have its outer it the area of
them and flame it’s it’s in going along ok no I read that completely one
whatever um yeah let’s go over here they already knew that was a mission for
flame because ocean view but yeah now we know for sure an ocean view let’s do
this what you don’t hear an echo it’s gonna be a green unit will probably be a
little bit annoying no of course not right now all righty didn’t and let’s go and do
probably annoying mission right let me guess it will look easy but then
there’s something that forces me to reset or something else that’s always oh okay thank you
alrighty was that ruins only bad flyers okay
wow this does not look hot they are level 20 what he’s of Ivan hard this is
what it what’s gonna make this a pain right but do you have nice to exit
damage during combats okay you have ex fear at you okay yes Ireland
smart ring and strengthen HP’s okay let’s see Oh are we gonna bring you do
everyone who’s under level 20 I guess my lies can’t get any experience on a job
so yeah Ingrid Karolina survey Madan and address since I always forget never
forget right um who needs plane who can you spoke with
Dmitry Dmitry Felix survey Manuela now I have a conversation what they didn’t
show that not gonna do this conversation now okay okay the ceiling thingy
I know Holloman and Manuela okay again doesn’t look too hard levels’ what but
like well whole ship is shown by – I think of NPCs kill NPCs kill enemies who
have items drop of items I think I’ll get them right I just know okay this guy doesn’t move this guy is uh
well are you an assassin you look they all have different clothes depending on
their like Kingdom and all that hey wait a moment can I even get over here hey
wait a moment I cannot get over there what if I don’t have what if I don’t
have a flyer I mean come on now please tell me he’s staying with her all the
time okay that I can no I cannot put him over
there what all sand it’s like in the other Fire
Emblem games okay people cannot move too good in this well I only have one major
that kind of sucks if I kill those guys with Hanuman this guy with Hanuman
someone who has a lot of resistance and yeah should be fine but she can’t wait I
have an idea can I do that nope I can – where’s Felix
Felix isn’t here okay I’m pushing air up here if she’s
unmounted then maybe or maybe not I don’t know let’s try like this I guess
well that kind of sucks if setup is just going in there and destroys everyone and
is probably what’s going to happen you will just go up there well you can’t so yeah
yes that it’s been going alright okay so I planned it like this much damage do
you do seven all right I guess got no choice to use that okay
Panama and Ingrid should not take much damage from those people
zero zero I can look at that boom there we go
that was easy even more assistance so all right you and I forgot you please tell me it’s not going right up
there they even go up down I can’t even control him
oh yeah mm-hm okay now in this mission is a lot easier I think okay okay one
moment there I thought this is why are they in the water
what all right then I guess I’ll just go and do stuff with him you have why do
you have x-ray if you don’t have an X as a defense 19 you don’t have any instant
kills stuff right no look like it and just check three yes what 45 all
right kill some stuff because I don’t need that much experience anymore no damage okay I first thought and I
could not control set every which much would have made this is quest a lot more
annoying it was realized i got toexperience
and skills my main character because he had one why was our heart was he
supporting it from that range what there was no one even close to him luck oh she’s close to level up her
thingy like this and get the kill with civil Oh okay now the squid looks a lot more
easier but this is always how it goes like first I think it’s like really easy
then something really stupid happens and I have to redo the mission because
someone like I don’t know loses someone runs away with an item or something and
then yeah after we do the whole thing again yeah
so I’m gonna shut up for now because I know this is exactly what’s gonna happen 28:13 how can I hope I cannot it doesn’t matter wait what is your
assistance 18 even more so we got 10 damage perfect didn’t even do any damage yeah what I can punch them through other
units I wanted to do that for the fun of it but yeah okay thank you okay could you move a little bit you don’t
have I don’t want to move that far away gible support with someone was not my
team yet okay 27 and you you have 19 after
waiting you on the money I guess or maybe not I gave him the levant squad I think yeah
still not enough oh I cannot I’m actually in danger right now oh god what
did I do one two we should be able to move over
there right wait gambits you don’t have ha ha spiders okay no circuitry Jim oh god do I have
to use my my thingy how did I make a mistake like that no
it’s going after okay wait why are you going again why would
you go after her okay you you say so
go after her now he’s not going after what okay I’m just gonna I am just gonna stand over here and hope
that you are you’re going after him why is he constantly changing it’s okay
where is the sense 820 he should actually survive part so yeah
all right place to put what I’m doing here right now but now he’s going after
him I don’t get it everyone should survive then what to give my main
character to kill so just put him in range of light
getting attached because it gets like four four thingies
first drop okay well you dare Wow alrighty just got hit you right all
right and she got priests miracle all right who’s up there
Maya you are not a warlock yeah 28 let’s see no and we just place you up
here because you let experience for not really doing anything like it’s really
good alright anyone just have a travel in preparing doll sweets is probably
really expensive okay from here if this all right
11:19 what is it and you what are you physic
oh well he didn’t bother healing up his body
so what we’re seeing with Hanuman I guess all right let’s do some killing with him
and why are you in such a bad place like nothing okay okay I wanted to blow you
in this is way too easy that’s something really messed up going to happen right that’s you know it oh yeah she doesn’t
have okay you were all right fire three oh my god this could take a while well I think the healing trial or
something I cut that she’s gonna heal yourself Ingrid as already liked boss music okay you
know wait I can just I can just do this I forget sometimes I forgot a few things
okay get results with him my people want
level No what 11 you used 11 sports
I’ll clean me I missed and I am about level up my oh my class hey wait a minute let me swatch those
magic damage tool right what I wanna spar too just like nothing I forgot let me attack you from over here and
Ingrid wait do you have hmm would be really nice to acquit awesome and again no normal music in okay I’m and I sent her up here she
should be flying right okay no one can Wow let’s do this
why is it quit shines so high a 21 fifteen he quits again he’s so gonna quit watch didn’t even hit are you kidding me I got
steel wow that is not good right now I need you to actually not to God okay like he’s still gonna die I think the No and you take him on yeah but if you miss
you’re dead okay and we’re really after you la cama dog
just make sure that you hit it looks like it alright there we go alright
saved we’re getting in some dangerous situations in the air but it’ll be fine
I think who got hit you all right can I build that support I guess mean
plan doing that okay next you can reach snow ways I don’t need sealing Aleman it’s serious such a way she can’t she can’t get any
experience where you guys this guy’s not gonna move she has still to the affair
squat no knots what we’re not doing it her one thing e effective against ya do
this I think she has more voidance like that right boy it went 321 all right
just hope this works why did I do that Oh God gambit I mean you can move up a gambit rights
because if not then I probably are you kidding me it doesn’t get doubled
awesome all right let’s see ouch
all right Retreat retreat setup and just a thought that he and he could have
gotten there on his own as an MPC and he was about to go there on loan as an NPC
it’s like scary right he double but she is in a forest and she has a killer like
watch out you guys are cool and ah didn’t didn’t even hits diamond alright
okay someone down there reach from here no wait
yes whoa and get already got enough
experience II I think in Jesus no she didn’t master her Matheny like poornatva
Auto you will not do any damage against her but she’s already like getting so
many experience all right perfect rally to support I’m pushing it
I’m pushing it oh yeah wait I wanted to do this to get out of here what did I moving back to us your old spot I didn’t realize he was a why did why
did he get the support points now my can i dismount in a wallah what
okay I did master his class right yeah there’s no reason for him to go oh really three two
I’ll cut thing it wants to push him in there like this there’s someone get that person there
ate it oh you’re only abs when I thought you
were danger all right and you also thought it was
like a wall okay of course you could hit here I thought she was out of reach and
what are you doing alright plane is not too far away so
yeah not just do this why is she getting support points with him okay this actually might be a lot shorter
mapped and usual this might be a lot more shorter than usual it’s what I
wanted to say I think okay do you have yeah and I wish my main character would
have a green color scheme for some of my students like everyone looks so pale its
lands in terms of colors and I wish there was something else like you could
choose to call us or something do you think you are Jesus just walking
over the water like that okay I actually have to go up here right right set it
because no one else can do anything okay oh yeah you only have Nosferatu that is
pretty bad for you okay um would be really nice if you could hit oh no wait let’s muster out to work okay
I was just thinking couldn’t heal himself up again but yeah how she only
needs what four points or something I think
dang it whatever I love schools you will see and we got Captain
Jack’s barrels ship all right now we have to do this
situation with sétif and there are of course our only majors how am I your
funny I suppose I can always no I cannot
I can always rescue him is what I was about to say but yeah Aurra that’s 16 or you all know you’re
not now seriously have to pick you all up like that it’s got some supports but my of my main
character I guess can’t I do just like smite them over the
water just throw my main character over there like Oh our she can’t move up
there okay but no no with my two got hit her there’s no one in range of her I was
there like a thingy more damage no problem hmm one can reach all right we
just walk over the water like Jesus and I don’t SWAT you right into the water okay what we really nice if I could get
her over there so that she can get like what four points or something what she
was missing you really him and support you all really him support I could place
Hanuman over there what about doing this guy is fire 1628 oh he’s a warlock okay
get over here well I guess I get that that shop master
reef for saamiya another time unless now she wants dang it all right then right so we can M what does she give luck wait yeah I know what to get over here our
party moved over there come on the Freddie stupid place to be
that okay God Thank You girls okay now ah she needs two more attacks come
on okay who can do right cause you can’t
cause you can’t just grinding support so I guess well
this was not a really difficult map know what I think about it
God okay you should not get but you have terrible waste system said no one was like close all right wasting a little bit of time I
know someone come to us gonna go crazy what yeah what can you do right what’s up Wow no damage at all oh yeah
Manuela is with him what’s wondering why Manuela yeah let me to attack twice
we used like a comet art against the boss and she will get a master thingy
you’ll take care of him please thank you are you kidding me still getting hearts that means it’s not
maxed I was gonna heal him up because I hope gets like a dialogue with this just
person maybe okay gambits and poof again pretty broken know that I
think about it you can use just use gambit oh and yeah
that is a little bit broken here spleen he hits 100% of the F like Vantage or
something you never know magic he’ll transitions they awesome
let’s go and kill this person Oh when I catch myself number 20 awesome strength goes to an shop yeah that was
pretty easy I’m glad I’m frustration for once an
ocean view set F okay no one increased general Wyman corporation company
whatever alright then let’s see we have enough time for cutscenes or maybe
supports and where are those holy artifacts you speak of mmm our staff and
I guess that other one’s for you Scottie
she starts living in Colorado Catan Kanaka go what does doesn’t doctor
took a bit nervous of the name sentimental significance tell me more
Coco neat authoritative secure know thyself in a scion economy young mothers also birds here yeah I was
about to say wait you your wife was her my water what I know I
did not late wife and her 1 are the same I had no idea so there’s no way she can
be a little bit all since you always you say so it’s and that’s why you like the
ocean summer cannot see or thought we mother
Mortimer need three total stereo – Anita moderator Maura Maura emo he’s
so good me you know can emit emo so can make in Osaka sahaja yogi data cada Coco
Rico the baccarat table – men a source of all Caritas Erica
I’ll come with you come on you might end up on it spiel a sow and category staff can be
curious categories I think I have a quest obstacle that restores HP a return link to the dress of cotillion may take
attack range plus one whose thoughts HP each turn I can equip that were probably
right every character gets like an ultimate
weapon or something that’s really broken also end game gonna look like if I walk
around with all those with all those things it’s gonna be pretty easy then
but who knows okay I’m gonna assume there are gonna be a lot of supports but
first of all yeah new week oh yeah and just one all right I’m just gonna do
this in a flash 0:40 writing let’s do some of those things in
even get a skill no Hanuman how about you learn some white matric who is a
good Hanuman who is a good the end here all right it’s uh it’s the beginning and Manuela how about you learn some
dark magic black magic whatever why are you not good with that I don’t care
you’ll learn dark magic now black magic good thing it’s alright um to do I don’t know 40 I think he needs be a 40
to get those the skin soldiers battalion work for him da to my messy does flying
I guess and riding right they’re not getting any skills from that I think but
whatever yeah I think I want to give us what because Manuel had this really good
combat art that does like magic attack but is still a SWAT tech so yeah come on
I give you authority even if you don’t want to even if you want to work alone just like didn’t even once
okay I’m oh let’s do something else sky watch you okay
oh yeah x5 in writer probably right and you do this gold don’t change the goals
no and there’s something happening cutscene oh it’s okay what we had like one week
time or something she’s gonna be flying should try everyone hello okay maybe I know why gonna make two
dancers in my next play fool’s clean wait what the mortgage okay goddamn it come on come on play play
play yes good job plane just did that like make it like there my suspense I
don’t know by winning the white heron complain obtained his certification for
the dancer class notice what dance comrade and the SWAT avoid +20 Authority at all okay all right show it to me
yeah it’s a scar take coconut king huge gonna die kostik okay just like this Saitama you
just have to put this one in your pot don’t worry we only sting a little
there we go motivation 1% love it when I just spent all my motivation and then
instantly refold right Stevie’s birthday take some tea domina all right talk about what was it
all that I think like I see it ideal professor but then what kind of gives
you like to receive come on those were terrible topics a word of advice one
isn’t of fighting battles weapons you seem well well yeah perfect tea time
observe why why is that a thing why would I want to do that like at all I don’t see no problem uh-huh my charming
priest and oh yeah I always forget that oh let’s see Scylla crash into a
building all right sound off progression looks like you’re
gonna use some squats flame and I’m gonna assume dancer class uses wards
because of that one skill yeah one all right okay first of all I have a lot of
supports don’t know those of all I wanna do certifications okay who needs stuff I
need stuff I can be a hero now and I want to be a hero there may be a hero there’s no other classes interest me or
hero awesome thirty percent seventy eight percent
what do I need C or higher X god damnit I mean I can try but yeah I don’t really
want to have like the chance of me messing up is so high should I make my character mage I don’t
know well that’s decided another time now my Cedars okay flame where’s Dan Sano
how can I just read class or if she can know she isn’t even like a maid she
doesn’t even have a class that kind of sounds not right yamir I need to await a reclass flame let me see now we are yeah
I don’t know how that one looks like it’s nice also wields magic okay that’s
pretty good answer energize life inspiring movements dance yeah David I don’t know how she looks like
now okay um I wanted to yeah I need to do something else I guess friggin priest I’m kind of curious about what my a
chick my character can learn we can abuse what mass or 30 percent even less
I don’t know become a 70 priests I guess of fighter and I have to buy so many of
those things I just buy a bunch of them everything I always need them I really
have to work on my ex skills all right just gonna I mean he has that
one item to get like more experience so I think it’s not that much of a deal
okay who else Felix here – Annette
Ingrid Lane can I not see it the answer wait Oh looks a little bit too revealing
she asked me for but not bad okay I’m Hannah man you had mine while I
you need you can make her into let’s make her into a monk I guess I can try
to get those standard things okay and shamea right yeah she was a bit she does not have the archer class now
or does she there’s like this golden thing around I think she has the archer
class I think she had like a ton of classes no where is it
there we go more weapons all right how about we do
one more spot conversation Dmitry and Sylvain they can max out their supports yeah you’re supposed to do like each
other’s facing right why is the song ganbaruger Gurudwara
skin Akane done cayetana’s that there my mother Anita Greta so Donny no Tom
Aneesa ha ha harness your Chi tasini kunio
that’s to you gara hi hi so doesn’t it yeah korekara chant oh so damn steak you
decide not or attach your PI octane this Bank Ohio resident as a you ah so no Tokyo Canada’s its karani Naruto
New York City Park Oregon I sewed on and anyway so yeah giving you a small
kono mama to Madiba Connor through the Academy kim yoomi
hugging the who she you you know the schooi journey continue much time I saw no mames Senator Tom
Bowen eat some Isaac was off all right yeah yeah what is the world right and Hanuman and
okay this is gonna be fun hopefully no 30 are you good
no sorry but we sing no need or that I can’t go then they fought to the death okay I
have so many all right I guess that’s it um yeah I
will prepare items inventory and all that off-screen and the next part we’re
gonna go and do this ringing here falling short of heaven and yeah I’m
gonna see what this is all about and yeah that’s it for this part please
consider leaving a like a comment or subscribe that would be really nice for
you and I see you in the next part bye bye you

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