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I’m really sorry everybody that my
great-great great-great granddad accidentally burnt down the Houses of Parliament. So Patrick Furlong was charged with the task of burning these tally
sticks in stoves in the furnaces underneath the House of Lords. The tally sticks were probably about so big, probably about 4 or 5 inches tall, a piece of wood that had notches in them and a name down the side. So they’d built up underneath the House of Lords. So they shoved all these tally sticks in, they’d worked for 10 hours solid and it was getting to the end of the day and they
realised they had so much more to do so they kind of overloaded these stoves,
closed the doors and they went off home, or they went off down the pub, to The Star and Garter. And then about seven o’clock a huge fireball erupted from Parliament. They actually managed to save the hall. I can’t believe he said, “Yeah, let all the rest burn down but just save Westminster Hall. I would have said, “Save all of it!” There was Charles Dickens, and what was the famous artist? Turner! He painted a picture of it and Charles Dickens did a speech about it. There was an inquest and it was deemed a pure accident. No one was really blamed and then a competition was started to
rebuild the Houses of Parliament which Charles Barry won and that is the Houses of Parliament that we see today.


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