Ancestors: My family tree rooted in African soil

Ancestors is about a boy who is
captured off the west coast of Africa he’s put incChains and taken and put on
a slave ship heading for Caribbean, to the Americas to Jamaica fact and he’s
disembarked and he’s enslaved on a sugar plantation and ancestors is about this
boys plight from capture to the abolition of slavery in 1834 now the boy
in the book is is based on my and third great-grandfather as my great-great
great-grandfather John Alexander Crooks the found my fourth great-grandmother
Ami Djaba Brown. And she is like a sort of inspirational figure for this boy in the
book she inspires him encourages him to never lose hope I never never lose that
will to fight for his freedom so I set out really to find out about the
origins of the name crooks and what I found was a bit more than expected I
managed to trace my roots all the way back to Africa as a result of 13 years
of research in the neighborhoods where it came from. I decided to write a novel
because I thought that writing creatively about what happened to John
Alexander Crooks and and and being able to fill in the gaps and the historical
context and write a historical novel was probably the best way to not only share
with my family but also to share it with anybody who wanted to hear my story John
Alexander crooks has been protagonist so he’s the person that I’ve bested the
story around

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