Review 2019 | NEW!! Build A Family Tree With TAGS Tutorial

guys I am so excited you know it took me
till my forties to find my real passion and love for genealogy and I think it’s
always been there at some level the curiosity but being a
tech-savvy midlife woman when I came across I just was hooked
immediately alright so let me talk to you about something new for those of you
that are interested in getting into genealogy as a hobby maybe now you’re
finding you have more free time than you have in your past this is a good time to
pick something like this up so first step is to get your DNA test done I am
putting a link to the ancestry DNA test in this video so that you can get
started it is an affiliate link I do benefit if you make a purchase now I
went ahead and DNA tested my entire family my parents my grandparents thank
God I did because my grandmother last living grandparent actually passed away
shortly after I did her DNA test i DNA tested my kids my cousins and aunts and
uncles and what happens is because DNA passes differently and I’ll talk about
that in another video sometimes a DNA relative will show up
for my uncle that doesn’t show up for me or even my brother or sister that
doesn’t show up for me so having more family members DNA tested ensures more
matches which helps you build your tree now I’ve got a tree here right and my
tree is I’ve got 40,000 people in it now whoops hold on let me pull up somebody
here and what happens is I’ve been able to trace my tree back to the Mayflower
where descendants at the Mayflower we’re related at 22 of the Salem witches well accused Salem witches from the Salem witch trials we’ve got presidents Harry S Truman
we’ve got Kings we’ve got royalty it’s really cool now one of the things I was
struggling with before yesterday was being able to tag somebody
in the database as a certain thing so for example I like to tag I like to know
if my if this person in my database are they verified or unverified verified
meaning I have done all the work there’s a paper trail there are certificates
there’s census reports I know this person is who I believe they are they
know I’m related to them then I would tag them as verified or unverified
but I’d never had this ability before yesterday before tags so I would have
to put a little code or something in their name look what just
gave us the ability to add tags so let’s just say I am matching a DNA relative
for example I can click on this little pencil and I can now say edit this
person is a DNA match or they are connected to a common ancestor their DNA
match and we’re connected to your common ancestor oh that was up here or this
person is on the map between a DNA match and a common ancestor I’ll get into what
those mean later I can tag them as an immigrant military service royalty or
nobility I can tag them is actively searching brick wall complete hypothesis
or verify that’s such a big deal I can tag them as adopted adopted into a
family out of a family died young direct ancestor multiple spouses never married
no children orphan and even the best thing of all I can create my own custom
tag so maybe I want to be able to sort by all of my everybody that served in
the Revolutionary War right because I’m doing my daughters of the Revolutionary
War membership and I want to know who all my ancestors are or I could custom
tag them for at from the Salem witch trials or I could tag them by a
particular country like this one came from Scotland so it’s a direct I can tag
him as an immigrant but then I want to add my own oh this was an immigrant from
Scotland because then what happens watch this I
can go over to my list of all people and I can now search and I can use filters
website sorry tree search you haven’t given it to us here yet
filters and I can say you know what show me everybody that is a DNA match and I
can click done it’ll only show me DNA matches in this in my list now look at
this incredible absolutely incredible guys this is a game changer this is the
best thing that I’ve seen do so far to date now of course I have
thirty six thousand people in my database that I need to go back and tag
if I wish this was available day one but it’s available now so if you’re just
getting started you are in luck okay now this channel is my midlife monarch
channel so I talk about all things lifestyle for a midlife woman this is
gonna be beauty skincare fashion travel hobbies motherhood grant Parenthood
financing business so just kind of all the things that are part of my life as a
midlife woman are going on this channel so please click subscribe click the
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