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Hi guys! I am so excited because I’m
finally going to get to do what I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time
and that is an ancestry DNA test. I am super excited to unlock the mysteries of
what makes me! Being Indian we really don’t know what migration path my
ancestors took to get to where we are today. You know Indian people weren’t
always just there. Parts of the world came together to make Indians. We
just have assumptions and stories and things we’ve heard but we don’t really
have anything concrete to go on. There aren’t really genealogical records or a
paper trail if you will to help us along the way to discover our heritage and really I want to know, I mean am I
Persian? Am I European? I mean I’m definitely Melanese. All Indians have
some sort of Melanese, but I have seen some of these results and they’re
sort of all over the place. I mean there are Indian people with Asian and Japanese and Chinese ancestry and Portuguese and Greek and Italian and French and I mean
who knows. I only have some guesses, I think I must have some kind of Persian
probably some sort of European and Melanese for sure as I mentioned but
other than that and who knows and I’m so excited to be able to finally find out
and know for sure. Secondly I really want to know what part of India even I’m from.
Being from the state of Gujarat I mean my family’s been there for hundreds
of years, in fact 950 AD is when my family was brought to the state of
Gujarat by the king and we don’t really know what part of India our roots lie in.
So I am really curious to find out if this test can help answer
that big long burning question of where in India am i from and where in
the world am i from? I think I may be from UP which is Uttar Pradesh just based on characteristics and traits but who knows it’s anybody’s guess and I’m
excited to be able to finally answer those questions if they’re able to be
answered. So Ancestry DNA, Black Friday special I’ve got my little tube and I’ll
spare you the details but in six to eight weeks we’ll get the results and
I’ll share them with you. I’m hoping that by me doing this video it
encourages other Indian people to do these tests just to see how closely
linked we all are and just how small the world really is so stay tuned Who do you think I am? Enter your guess below…

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