Ancestry DNA Kit Unboxing Part 1

Just a couple more lugies and I’m done. Hey guys The Pretty Witch. Welcome back to my channel. So this is one of the videos that I’ve been
most excited about making and I ordered a dna test off of ancestry dot com and it finally
came in the mail. So ancestry dna is an at home diy dna kit
and you’re supposed to be able to uncover your ethnic mix discover distant relatives
and find out new details about your unique family history. So it’s a super simple and easy process. All you do is order the kit off of their website
and you return a small saliva sample in the prepaid envelope that they provide you in
the kit and then they’re going to analyze your dna at over seven hundred thousand genetic
markers. Then in six to eight weeks you’re going to
receive an email link with your results. So I decided to make this into a two part
video series just because this is a video that I have been super excited about doing
and I can’t wait eight weeks just to film one video so in this video we’re going to
be talking about logistics and unboxing the kit. And then stay tuned in six to eight weeks
we’re going to open up and find out my results together. Now before we go ahead and unbox this kit
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way you get notified when I post any new videos. Okay so let’s talk about logistics and one
of the things most people are probably concerned about is security and privacy. Now the company claims to use standard practices
when storing your dna results and sample. They don’t store your results with your name
or other common identifying information. So you own your dna data which means that
at any time you can choose to have your dna results deleted or have them destroy the physical
dna saliva sample. So why take an ancestry dna test and what
will the results tell you. Well ancestry dna is a cutting edge technology
that will help you discover more about your family history. It can help you predict your genetic ethnicity
and also help you find new family connections. So it maps your ethnicity going back multiple
generations and can provide insight into possibilities such as you know what area of Europe are my
ancestors from or am I likely to have East Asian heritage etcetera. Now ancestry dna can also help identify relationships
with unknown relatives through a list of dna matches. Okay so now for the fun part. Let’s go ahead and unbox this kit and find
out what’s included. Okay so first we have an instruction manual
which clearly details all the instructions step by step that you need to follow. So of course included is your test tube and
this is where you’re going to put your saliva sample and then you have a collection bag
and you will put the tube into this bag once you’re finished. So also included is your prepaid box to return
your saliva sample. So once you’re finished put your sample in
here. Drop it in the mailbox. No postage required. So first thing you need to go ahead and do
which I’ve already done is go onto ancestry dna and create an account in order to activate
your test and you’re going to enter a fifteen digit code that comes on the side of your
test tube and that is used to identify yourself and your sample. Next you’re going to provide your saliva sample
into the test tube here. They say not to drink eat or chew at least
thirty minutes prior to providing your saliva sample. And you’re supposed to fill it up to this
black line here on the tube. Okay let’s do this. This is going to be gross people. Don’t be grossed out. A couple more lugies and I’m done. Let’s give them a bit extra. Alright ao I’ve gone ahead and finished spitting
in the tube and now you’re just going to gently take the funnel off the top of the tube
here and then you’re going to tighten this part onto the tube which has a fluid in it
and this is used to stabilize your dna with the saliva. So they say keep tightening it and you’ll
know it works until the blue liquid is released into the bottom. There we go. So the blue liquid is now ontop here sitting
ontop of my saliva. Not sure if you can see that. And now you’re supposed to shake your sample
for at least a good five seconds just to ensure that the stabalizing fluid mixes well with
your saliva. So now I’m going to go ahead and place the
tube into the collection bag. And then there’s a little adhesive strip here
that peels off and you’re going to use that to seal the bag. And now we’re going to place the collection
bag into the prepaid box. So same thing there is an adhesive strip on
the side of the flap here on the box so you just peel that off and then close the lid
and then drop that in the mailbox. Super easy right? Alright I’m going to go ahead and drop this
in the mail. I’m so excited for my results. Make sure you’re subscribed as well so you
don’t miss out on them either. Now I’m currently aware of a couple areas
of where my roots come from. Now just a little test comment down below. I know some of you are loyal followers and
have been watching my videos so some of you might already know a bit about my background. Comment down below let me know or if you’re
new here take a guess and let me know what you think my background might be. But in the meantime while we’re waiting for
my results make sure you check out some of my other recent videos. Also comment down below and let me know if
you’ve tried one of these dna tests. What your experience was and if you do want
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and I will see you next time.

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