Ancestry DNA (my life is a lie)

sh*t ah f*ck oh jeez hey guys is heavenlea and welcome back to my channel in this video I’m gonna be taking my very
first ever DNA test the reason I wanted to take a DNA test is because I am a
little bit of a mystery like I don’t know much about my family I don’t know
much about my ancestors and everything and everything that happened I don’t
really know exactly what I am fully and I don’t really know where my ancestors
are from so it would be nice to actually know for sure what’s going on in my
background this is what the package looks like it’s just ancestry DNA and
then I also got plus traits it was only like 10 more dollars to get the traits
traits basically explained like what what your hair thickness is if you have
freckles and this and that and it explains like things you should and
shouldn’t have it’s more of like a guessing thing it’s kind of a new thing
for them so I don’t know I wanted to try it out why not the DNA test in total is
about a hundred dollars but it was on sale for Christmas when I got it so it’s
around fifty sixty dollars so I decided to get it because it was on sale
I tried activating the test on my phone because I have the ancestry app I tried
activating the test and it turns out after many many many tries and many many
failures I found out that you have to have an adult do it for you because I am
still considered a minor minor being seventeen it shows you how to I don’t
know if you can see that but it shows you what you’re supposed to do is spit
in the tube how do you send it back and everything so this package is a prepaid
package for when you send it back so when you send it back it’s not gonna
cost you any money they already paid for it so you don’t have to do that which is
great because I didn’t want to pay any more extra money just to send it back to
them it requires about this much spit up to this line right here and I don’t
produce that much saliva so let’s just see how this goes not including bubbles
of course it’s not include your your mouth
bubbles it does require it to be regular spit up to that point when do you take
this test I already read the instructions and everything you have to
wait 30 minutes after eating drinking or chewing gum you can’t do any of that you
can brush your teeth I think you’re supposed to do
that and I just brush my teeth a little bit ago because I’m gonna go to bed soon
so you need to brush your teeth and not eat for 30 minutes you drink or chew gum
for 30 minutes replacing this funnel cap that you spit on with this little cap
right here that has a blue solution in it place the tube in the collection bag
placed a sample inside the collection bag provided did I say bad seal the bag
with the adhesive strip it says your results will be ready at the website in
roughly six to eight weeks from the time we received your sample so around a
month and a half or two months something like that is when it should be ready and
honestly like I have other things I can do with my life
not really I’m starting school actually guys just to let you know updates I just
realized it says wait 30 minutes before taking it after eating and drinking and
I just realized I just drank water like not too long ago what a disappointment
so now I gotta wait but I mean that’s fine oh wait I D hydrated so I don’t
even know if I’ll be able to spit in the tube but you know we’ll try our best can
I put it in the fridge you know to keep it safe or something put it in the
closet closet what the hell I’m at the cabinet I don’t know I’m kind of excited
for my results like I don’t know I’m kind of excited just because I get to
figure out who’s in my family you know I’m saying I mean not really
I get to figure out what um I am because I don’t really know when I record my
videos and I edit them later I watch my videos and I realized I
literally make faces I don’t even realize I’m making I’ll look in like a
certain direction and I’ll be like or like you know like making weird faces
that I didn’t even know I was making like I didn’t you know I’m saying okay
it back hey I don’t know if I’m crooked because last time I checked I stopped
recording and then I looked and behind I looked in the camera I mean in I don’t
know I’m saying I looked in the gallery of my photos
and I looked at the video and I saw that I was crooked so if I’m crooked forgive
me don’t don’t attack me we’re back I don’t know if it’s been thirty minutes
but we’re gonna spit in the tube anyway because I’m super thirsty and like
literally dying and dehydrated this house so let’s spit in the tube
shall we I’m gonna spit in this tube and I’m gonna put it in the refrigerator I
think and then tomorrow in the morning I’m going to put it in the mailbox and
you’re gonna see me do that without showing my address of course but I’m
just put a little put it’s in the box I’m not gonna add this until tomorrow
and I have to spit in this tube and I have to refrigerate it up to a week or I
can refrigerate it up to a week but I’m just gonna refrigerate it overnight so
then I can send it tomorrow in the mail because it’s late and I can’t really put
it in the mailbox at night yeah that’s so gross I can’t believe we just did
that did I just spit literally up to that point that is them how did I do
that is that all spit oh this is my spit
that’s so nasty okay we’re back I finally got my DNA test results you know
how long ago I did that I started this video in January its March right now
also let me tell you I just filmed this whole part a second ago and I was
sitting down about ready to to put it in and start editing the camera was like
literally pointing at the ceiling like I don’t know how that happened but it
really messed me up and I have to redo this whole part but I finally have my
results and now we can finish it the only thing you guys won’t see is my
traits that are on there because that I bought traits also but you guys won’t be
seeing that because it won’t load I contacted the customer support or
whatever they are I contacted them and I told them like it ain’t working and they
didn’t answer me so but it doesn’t really matter because it’s just about
like what I look like and what I have like what kind of traits I have with my
appearance and then also with like what things I would prefer like do I have a
sweet tooth and whatever and I have a sweet tooth a really thick sweet tooth I
had to send my DNA test results to my mom’s phone because I’m recording with
my phone have a camera yet but what I was told by my family or the family that
I do know part of it is that I am German Italian middle-eastern and Native
American that’s what I was told I don’t know how much I didn’t know how
much of that I was and if that I was actually true 55% of me is England Wales
and northwestern European which is England Scotland and Wales which is
Welsh and I 54% to 68 percent of me is that 20%
Germanic Europe which is Germany and it ranges from 0% to 41% Ireland and
Scotland 12% which is Ireland Wales and Scotland so Welsh 0% to 13% European
Jewish 12% which is Poland Belarus don’t attack me I don’t know if
I’m saying that right probably not but don’t come at me Ukraine Russia Hungary
in Israel 1% to 21% and then I got 1% Spain Spanish 0
percent to 1 percent Middle Eastern is right it just isn’t as much as I was
thinking it was I didn’t see Italian in there but it has in the range in the
circle it has northern Italy circled into that so I don’t know if that’s and
then also some of its circled into like northern Africa and everything so it
doesn’t like say like all the specific places that it says but it says like
what generally you are basically it’s just an estimate so we know we don’t
unless we go back in time we don’t actually know what’s going on back there
but that’s what it says the Native American part I was told from my dad
because my dad said he was Native American and whatever else he never
actually knew what else he was I don’t know if the reason it doesn’t say Native
American is because the region at the Native Americans that he said he was
isn’t in the system so I don’t know if that’s why it doesn’t say that it’s kind
of like up in the air so I would say if someone asked me what I am and I went
into specifics I would just say maybe I possibly could be that but I’m not quite
sure in general if someone asked me like what I was in specifics because people
would be like Oh what are you and you can just say white but if they asked
like in specific what are you I would just say English Welsh I said that word
Irish and Scottish middle eastern and tiny bit of Spanish and possibly maybe
Native American but I don’t know great so now I know what I am
oh it also said something about like Alabama settlers so like whatever
migrated to Alabama whatever if also I want to mention that my emetophobia
video got more comments and I’ve ever gotten so like 16 comments which is not
a lot but it’s more than I’ve ever gotten and it has a lot of people who
relate to that video and I’m really high that I could put something out there
that people can relate to and people can actually see that they’re not alone with
that calm with that situation because I when I first had that going on I felt
alone so it’s nice to feel like you have other people to talk to about it and
other people who can actually think oh yeah me too
like it’s really good and also I have people messaging me asking for advice
with that and asking for someone to talk to with their anxiety and everything and
I am totally there for and if you need someone to talk to about your anxiety or
your fears or whatever like I’m here for you I got you I got you hit me up I’ll
hit you up bad I’ll I’ll help you through this because I have anxiety but
my whole fear has gotten a lot better since then which is great because I’m
not trying to be super skinny anymore I’m trying to like Craig and white
trying it low-key thick you know so I hope you guys enjoyed this video make
sure you smash that like button also if you’re new here hit that subscribe and
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I wanted to start new I’ll see you guys in my next video peace


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