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hi guys um I Misfit Mari
welcome back to my channel so today I’m going to be doing Ancestry DNA test this
I’m kind of nervous a little bit like I’m I don’t know why I’m so nervous but
I am. So yeah, I spit in the tube I sent it off and I just got my results I got the email right here and I don’t know why I’m so nervous
anyway yeah I got the email and it said that my results are in. The testing it
really takes that long it took about a month if that. Probably a little bit less than a month to get my results just a little bit about my family history: I am
a Black American and just like most Black Americans I am a descendant of slaves and just like most other black Americans I don’t really know much about
my family history. I’ve only ever heard stories. You know how black you will be
acting like “oh I got Indian in my family everybody Irish” or whatever so I don’t
actually really know. Whenever I ask my mom like oh what tribe do you think we’re
from? What countries in Africa do you think we’re from? She’s like “we’re
American.” So yeah, that’s just how my mom is but I’m really really excited to
find out. If I had to make my own guesses I would say that I’m at least… I would
say 85.. I’m gonna go a little bit higher I’m going to say I’m at least 86 percent
African and then probably a little bit European in there and then like I’m
going to say like one percent like I hope like I’m probably one percent
something else like something like dashed up in there a little bit extra. A
little bit of a surprise. This whole thing I know it’s like not 100 percent
guaranteed that this is what I am and what I am and what I only am. I know someone’s just so like an educated guess in a sense. I’m hoping to be… if I’m in the 90s of African Heritage y’all can’t tell me nothing. I’m claiming
Africa 100%… 130% if I’m at least 90. I mean, I already claim now but, I
feel like once you get into the nineties can’t nobody tell you nothing. You’re that. you’re African. Umm yeah but you know I’m I’m so nervous y’all. Like I
don’t even know why I’m this nervous. But I really am so nervous and I don’t
understand why. But I think it might be because this is really a big deal to me,
just because… I don’t know, I think knowing your history and knowing where you
came from is really really important. and I feel like this is going to give me a little piece of where I came from and my history and my
people’s history and I just I feel like that’s so important. So I’m on this thing.
I have my laptop right here. Oh shit. okay Wow all right okay all right it says
that I’m 84% Africa from the continent of Africa. Can’t tell me nothing.
I hoped to be a little bit more to be honest but 84%… I feel like that’s a good percentage you know. Okay it says 33% is from Ivory Coast Ghana.
I’ve been to Ghana like just last summer. I was there for like a month and lovely
place lovely people my people apparently. So it’s 33%. I feel like this a really
high percentage. Yeah Ivory Coast/Ghana and 22% from Cameroon and Congo I really
that’s a high percentage of the in Cameroon. I haven’t seen anyone with
that high of a percentage. Because I be watching these videos religiously and
um eight percent Africa South Eastern Bantu. Those are primarily like
South Africa, Kenya, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Angola. Which is really
interesting because I’ve actually been to South Africa and also been to
Botswana. I was in Botswana for a few months. I mean a couple months and I was
in South Africa for a few days. That’s cool. DOPE!! And 8% Senegalese!!! Bro like
I have Senegalese friends and I knew I had to have some Senegalese somewhere
in my blood. Had to. It had to happen. So again it’s 8%
Senegalese. What!?! 6% Nigeria. What!?! Naija Gal! Naija Gal! And then I
have some low confidence regions. One is 3% Benin/Togo, 2% Mali, 2% Africa
South Central hunter-gatherers. And one of the reason why did this test was just
because I plan on traveling this year. because I’m taking a gap year and I just
really want to travel to different places and see like where I came from. So
I’m definitely gonna have to go back to Ghana. Cameroon and Congo. Gonna
to have to go to Senegal, Nigeria you know what I mean. I also have 14%
European blood in my veins. Which is something that I pretty much sort of
guessed already. You know how that is. But it says I have, of the 14%
there’s 5% Finland and Northwest Russia which is kind of weird.
That’s so weird. That’s so interesting. That is very interesting. I was honestly,
I was probably going to guess most likely Great Britain and everything like
that. But 5% is North West Russia and then you know I have 4% Great
Britain, 2% European Jewish. That that’s very interesting.
less than 1% Scandinavia, less than 1% Italy/Greece, less than 1% Iberian
Peninsula which is like Spain and Portugal and then less than 1% Europe West. Wow that European Jewish. girl I’m a Jewish. I’m a Jewish person. Oh wow. Okay, I do have 1% Native
American in me. That is crazy. I honestly… you know when black
people say that, I don’t really believe them. But even though it’s a small
percentage, I’m actually kind of surprised.
Well 1% Native American and then I got West Asia up in here. less than 1% but I’m still claiming it. it’s the caucus regions. Wow which is like you
know Armenia, Iraq, Syria, Turkey. Which makes sense because I really do
love Turkish sort of things. If that makes sense like Turkish headwraps and clothes and designs. Wow this is so crazy.I’m…yeah, I’m surprised
that I have this much stuff. Yeah I’m happy because now I’m
just like… now I know, you know, me or at least a part of me. And it’s great.
I think that everyone should do this test. This is… this is great. The
thing that surprised me the most. I felt like that my top 3 things are probably
that one I have 33% Ivory Coast/Ghana because I feel like
that’s a really bulky percentage and also Cameroon and Congo. I don’t
really see many people on here have Cameroon Congo as their African heritage. It’s also a pretty high percentage 22% and also one of the things that
surprised me is having European Jewish blood. It’s not something that I expected
at all. but I’m I’m happy and having
Finland and Northwest of Russia be my the bulk of my European ancestry. Wow
and then like West Asia?? Where’d that come from!?! Native America I have Native American
blood too. Yo I’m geeked. I’m geeked. That is crazy. but yeah that’s my
ancestry. Wow. So I’m definitely… I had already planned to do
a whole trip to Europe in January and also maybe over the summer go
to a few different countries in Africa. and now, I basically have my map of where
what countries I’m gonna be hitting up. you know wow so yeah that is that is it.
and like I’m still a little bit I don’t know why I’m so nervous. and yeah is
like… I’m happy. Ancestry also gives you this thing where um shows you
where genetic communities were. and it’s basically where your ancestors probably
lived in the past few hundred years. Your ethnicity regions show where ancestors
came from hundreds of thousand years ago and the genetic community is probably within the last few hundred years. my genetic communities were
African-Americans in Virginia in the deep south, African Americans in North
Carolina, and African-Americans in Georgia. Which makes sense because the
south is were slaves were. All black people … all black Americans
mostly immigrated from the south and came up to the north. But yeah that is
all I have to say like I’m very very happy about my about my results. like yo
I’m so happy like I’m I’m going to be calling like all my Senegalese friends
and being like “yo guess what? I’m Senegalese!!” and also
my friends from Ghana! yo I am literally going to be calling them right now and
saying I’m one of y’all. I’m one of y’all. Ancestry dna told me that I was one
of y’all, so it’s true obviously. It’s true.
Anyways thank you for watching this video give a thumbs up comment down
below. If you got this test, tell me what your Ancestry dna said. All
that. And subscribe to my channel as well while you here. I be putting
out content. I be trying to put out content, but sometimes I be slipping.
okay bye guys!!!!


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