Ancestry DNA Results | British Raj Secrets: Am I Mixed Race??

Hi! I’m Lozzy I sent off for an Ancestry DNA test a few weeks ago now and I just found out that the results are in so I thought I’d do a video I’m excited but I’m also really scared…? I don’t know why; really nervous So what we do know of my family history is that my grandma’s side of the family are Italian So they came over to the UK just before -well, probably early 1900s So lived through both world wars and because of that my grandma’s family didn’t keep any of the Italian culture because it was really bad to be seen as foreign during the world wars So no culture there! And then on my grandpa’s side – also my mum’s side of the family – he grew up in India in the British Raj So his dad was English but his mum was *apparently* half-Portuguese, half-Welsh hence olive skin But, I mean when you see photos of her I’m not sure Portuguese was the half of it… On my dad’s side of the family as far as we know they’re just English A few of them were born and raised in Cornwall So looking at English history there’s a chance of [I totally take this back… there’s hardly any chance lol] pirates or Spanish blood or whatever… Meh, that’s what they say I’m nervous, then I’m excited, then I’m nervous then I’m excited and I’m kind of like ‘aaaah!’ Yeah, it’s just… it’s weird It’s weird Yeah I think the Italian side of my family is fairly definite Obviously there’s like Mediterranean influences and North African and whatever but looking at them they definitely look Italian But on my grandpa’s side it’s like… Dunno. Obviously the Portuguese were in and out of India for hundreds of years, as were the British whether trading or ruling and there would have been a fair few mixes going on there I reckon but whether or not that had an influence on my family, I don’t know so this will be cool to find out I don’t think much would surprise me in the Northern Hemisphere Probably not oriental Asian but not much would really surprise me So anything around the Mediterranean Iberian Peninsula North Africa Middle East Maybe even India, I don’t know Nah, it wouldn’t surprise me at all But if it came out that it was just Iberian peninihiasdknfdksa I can’t say that word… Iberian Peninsula um, Italian and British Isles then I’d probably be more shocked that there isn’t anything else in there Obviously Europe’s got a ridiculous history of people moving around and mixing and merging and different cultures coming in so yeah, that would be quite weird! I mean, looking at me, I’m pretty olive-skinned my hair is naturally curly very dark eyes, dark hair – this is my natural colour so yeah, I’m not an “English rose”… Soooooo… I’m gonna go ahead and open this now I’m like proper shaking ooooooh! So, yep, this is weird Ohh c’mon, load! Oh my god my heart is beating so fast Ooh! Oh god, really?! Oh wow! Oh my god… I’m mixed race I’m actually mixed- whaaaa? Oh my god… Right so… I think…? I’m 12% Asia South Primarily located in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Myanmar My great grandmother had a secret!! Oh my god This is like… This is cool but it’s like “oh my god!” So I’m 86% European This is weird 8% Finland/Northwest Russia?! Great Britain, 38% – that’s lower than I expected if I’m being honest Italy/Greece 15% Ireland 7%?! Iberian Peninsula… – that’s Portugal and Spain – 6%! That’s really low… Trace regions… Europe East Europe West, 3% Sorry Europe East was 6% Scandinavia, 2% European Jewish 1% Woooow… This is crazy Aaaahhhh my god! That’s crazy… That’s like a whole part of our family history that was just sort of like, swept under the rug I guess I mean, I understand the social background to growing up in a colony where the European man rules so I can understand why you’d hide that Wow! That’s actually really cool I’m really excited WOW! Oh my god… [for the millionth time] So like, I’m more Italian than I am from Asia South But there’s more Asia South than Portuguese I should probably go and bin that Portugal shirt that I’ve got… Ermerrgherrrdddd Wow … This explains a lot This is cool But, it’s like ‘phewwww’ Wait, I just realised there’s 2% Asia East as well That’s crazy Russia, China, Korea, Mongolia Japan, Taiwan, The Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei & Palau Well that was unexpected That’s really unexpected! Makes sense, but… I mean, given the Asia South part That’s one hell of a mix! Whoa whoa whoaaa! Ok there’s a lot of history for me to read which is cool I’m gonna spend the rest of my day doing this Yeaaaah, history; I love history! Wow! Wowwww… That’s blown my mind That has blown my mind! Oh I knew it, I knew it! Looking at pictures of my great-grandma I *knew* that wasn’t Portuguese! There was a tiny of of it, but… Wow This is cool I’m so happy that I found this out I don’t know why, it doesn’t change anything but it’s like… Ohh I’m going to do so much reading now I need to call my grandpa … spill the beans I want him to do a DNA test now! Aaaaah! Right, I’m gonna go do some reading So… Over and out!


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