Ancestry DNA Results! / Native American

Hi guys my name is Mari and I’m new to
this and I wanted to check I thought the best way to introduce
myself was to probably to share my DNA results with you guys so here we go
alright YouTube so these are my DNA results first of all I’d like to say
that I am Mexican and we all know that Mexican is not a race it’s an ethnicity
mainly being a Native American and Spanish descent that’s why a lot of us
come out with a darker complexion like myself or we come out with green eyes
and really light skin so I was always curious as to what exactly you know I
was my grandfather would always talk to us about our Native American background
our ancestors are Aztec ancestors and being of Mexica and Apache descent I
was always curious so that’s the main reason why I did this so let’s go ahead
and take a look so looks like 50% Native American north central south 24% Spain
and of 9 other regions so let’s go ahead and click there so fifty to fifty eight percent Native
American mainly of the regions Chihuahua Durango and Zacatecas. Your DNA
shows that you have ancestry from Native American North Central South and links
you to these specific regions so which makes sense cause my grandparents are from
these areas and I do have family in that area. So 24 percent Spain 11 percent
France five percent Portugal two percent Mali
two percent Basque. I hope I’m pronouncing that correctly 2 percent
Ireland Scotland this one was a little surprising I guess I’m a little Irish or
this is less than 2 percent so but yeah that’s pretty interesting 1 percent Jewish European Jewish 1
percent Native American Andean and one percent Senegal so yeah those are my
results and so yeah that’s those are my results which was pretty interesting
yeah so those are my results which I kind of expected I didn’t expect all
those other little bits and pieces like being Jewish or from yeah
Portuguese I didn’t expect any of that but yeah that was pretty interesting to
know what exactly I was so, It was so pretty cool you guys should try it for sure
alright well it was nice meeting you guys and
so long for the next time by


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