Ancestry DNA Test Results NEW FEATURE: Genetic Communities

Hello Everyone! My name is Natalie and today I wanted to show
you…um…the test results, the newest version of their test results because
they added a new feature…um…just within the last week. At least on my account they added a new feature
and it is called “Genetic Communities” and it gives you a really…um…let’s just say
a much more detailed, um, look at your DNA, which is amazing. I got my results in…um…February. I have a, uh…I have a video of me…mak…getting…uh…showing
my results and I have a video of me leaving my sample. So, this time I’m just going to show the new
results, um, the new section that was added to the website, which relates to DNA test
results. So, that’s enough of me talking. I’ll just show you the website right now. Okay. So, as you can see I’m on the website here
and clicking on the “DNA” portion. So you scroll down and you can see that they
have a new feature. There’s no longer just the “Ethnicity Estimate.” There is also this thing here called “Genetic
Communities.” This is brand new and it is actually, um,
in its “beta” form, as you can see, at the moment. Meaning, um, that it’s still in development. I’m sure they’ll have better, um, better results
as time goes on. So, I can click on this and you will see that
it takes me to my genetic results and it gives me also, specifically, genetic communities
that I belong to. So, my original results showed that I was…
um…some Italian, some Scandinavian, Eastern European…um…British. So, with this “Genetic Communities,” they
will give me a more detailed result. They will show me specific genetic communities
that my DNA belongs to. This is the Ancestry “Ethnicity Estimate”
that I got a few months ago. So now added to this, onto the website, you
can see that they give you more specific…um…details. So, not only does it show that I am “Italian
and Greek” or “Italian-Greek,” it shows me specifically which genetic community my DNA
belongs to, that being “Sicilians” within this Italian-Greek…um…Italian-Greek section. So….And the same thing goes for the Scandinavian. You know, there’s different communities within
that place. So, it does specify that it is Finnish that
I belong to….my DNA belongs to, I should say. So, that’s what’s been…what’s really cool. This is a new feature. So, there’s more. Let’s not stop there. Let’s go to…um…let’s select one so you
can see. We’ll go to “Sicilians” because, you know,
I’m partial to Italy. Um… and you can see here that it shows on
the map what that means, where that genetic community is located and it also gives you
an overview/information about…um… just about, you know, the…about Sicily, the Sicilians
in general, a timeline related to the migration, especially related to their migration to the
United States and stuff like that. So that’s the history. You can read about the “story.” Now, you can rea…see “connections.” Now this is really cool. So, do you remember when I…when I made
my last video, maybe don’t if you haven’t seen it,…um… and I said that you can do
DNA matching? You can find people who are related to you. You can find relatives through the Ancestry
website. You can find relatives who are…um…DNA
matches. Well, at that point, someone was related to
you, but you had no idea through which line. You had no idea if they were related to you
through your…um…through the Italian side or through the German side or through the British side. You had no way to distinguish that. Now with this “Genetic Communities” you can
search for people who are only related to you through specific….that specific genetic
community. So, I can search for people who are….I don’t
want to show their names. I don’t think they’ll show…Okay. So, it shows here I can view all matches. Um. It will show me specifically…um…who I’m
related to through the geneti….the Sicilian line. So, I don’t want to show people’s names on
here because I don’t want people to be, you know, people who don’t want to have their
name out on the internet. I mean, I don’t care. You can see I have my name on here, but…hahaha…I
don’t want to show other people’s matches. So, I’m not going to show you who…who I
was matched to, but just know that you can search for people through the “Genetic Community.” So, I can choose to search people who are
related to me through the Sicilian line or through the Finnish line. However, as you can see, I’m not only Scandinavian
(Finnish) and Italian (Sicilian), I’m also other things, like British. I have yet to know what genetic community
my Great British side was from, or was part of. That has not shown up on my “Genetic Communities.” So, I do think that it might…um…show up
in the future. It might show me specifically, you know, what
genetic community within Britain….within Britain…um…I could be part of or my DNA
is part of. Same thing with Eastern European. I’m not sure. I would hope that they would add more to this
“Genetic Communities,” because so far it’s incomplete, it’s still in development, but
it’s very, very promising. I’m very excited…um…I’m very excited to
see the future of the DNA test results because they are certainly interesting and the are
certainly…um…they…they… certainly continue to improve. So, that’s all. I hope you found this video informative and
helpful in some way and I hope you have a wonderful day. Bye!!


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