Ancestry Library Edition: Advanced Search

Ancestry Library Edition offers additional search limits and fields on the Advanced Search page. On the Home or Search tab, click on the “Show Advanced” link to display the additional search limits and fields. Exact match search limits are accessible on this page. “Match all terms exactly” restricts the search to only what you enter into the search fields, ignoring details such as spelling variations. If you wish for more flexibility, the “First & Middle Name” and “Last Name” fields have their own exact match limiting options. The “First & Middle Name” field allows you to select only an Exact Match in conjunction with spelling variation options. These variations are: Phonetic matches, spelling & meanings matches, and initials. To learn more about the options, click the “About these settings” link. The “Last Name” field offers slightly different matching limits, including the Soundex indexing limit. The “Life Events” search field includes an “Exact only” limit for the year of an event. For more flexibility, you may choose to employ the year range to search for a particular window of time. The addition of Family Members’ names to your search can assist in narowing the search results. Keywords can also serve to focus your search. Double quotation marks will help delineate phrases rather that separate terms when searching. Note the Exact Match option. Specifying the gender can assist in narrowing search results for gender neutral names or nicknames. Limiting by Race or Ethnicity can also narrow search results. Note the Exact Match option. Restricting the search to specific content types is also possible on the Advanced Search page. To clear the form, click the “Clear form” link at the top. To return to the Basic Search page, click “Hide Advanced”.

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