Ancestry Library Edition: Card Catalog

Have you ever wondered what information makes up Ancestry Library Edition? The Card Catalog is a wonderful place to explore the entire collection by title, keyword, record type, location, decade, or language. Ancestry Library Edition contains thousands of individual collections of data. The list is sorted by Popularity by default, but you may sort by: Database Title, Date Updated, Date Added, and Record Count. You may also browse the list using the page navigation at the top right. The Card Catalog provides some basic details about each Title: Activity, # of Records, and Collection. You may hover the cursor over a title of a specific collection to see further details. The complete list can be narrowed (or filtered) by using the Collection, Location, Date, or Languge facets to the left. As an example, we will select the “Pictures” collection to view all titles in that collection. We will then refine the list further by selecting the Location: USA. Further filtering could be selected by State, Date, or Language. Once the list is sufficiently filtered, click the title of the collection that most interests you. Clicking the title will open the search page specific to that collection. Another option to search the Collection will appear as a link below the Sort By menu. In this case, it reads: “Search entire “Pictures” Category” Clicking this link will open the search page specific to only the Pictures content. You may clear selected filters at any time by clicking the “Reset all filters and start over” link at the top of the Filters list. This brings you back to the original view of all titles and allows for further exploration. We selected “Birth, Marriage, & Death” collections, and will refine to view “Death, Burial, Cemetery,and Obituaries” records. Notice that we can choose to refine further by Location, Dates, and/or Languages. Last, but certainly not least, you may search the Card Catalog by Title or Keyword.

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