Ancestry Library Edition: Image Viewer

Ancestry Library Edition contains over 8,000 individual data sets, many of which have page images. When you find a relevant record that contains an image, you will use one of two Image Viewers to review the image’s details. Several features and tools are found in each Image Viewer, such as zooming and page navigation. You may also click the grey tabs or the “Image Only” button to minimize the Source and Index areas. Click “View all” to exand the tabs. The Standard Image Viewer offers essential zoom, print, and save options. Use the “Print” button to print the image or the “Save” button to save the image as a JPEG file. Click the “Options” button to view additional viewing options, including the Advanced Image Viewer. The Advanced Image Viewer is enabled by default. It offers additional image size capabilities… Zoom In. Zoom Out Fit Width, Fit Height, Fit Image, Full Size, and Custom. The “Magnify” button opens a tool that allows you to left click and hold to magnify a particular area of the image. The “Rotate” button rotates the image a full 360 degrees clockwise, 90 degrees per click. The “Mirror” button flips the image on the horizontal edge. If you encounter indexing or quality issues with a particular image, use the “Report a problem” button to report it to If your network is slow, there are settings in the “Options” list to help load the images more quickly. Help is always at your finger tips via the “Help” link in the top right corner. For more information about this database visit the LibGuide at

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