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Hi, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, my
Facebook family… I’m back once again and this time i just want to share something
deeper about me. What makes me, me? What is this genetic gumbo, mumbo-jumbo? Who am I? Who
is Absolute Venus? So, a little while back I actually did a DNA ancestry test through
23andme. And so I wanted to share those results with you and see if they
are surprising or not. It’s just interesting to me that outward
appearances you kind of use a shortcut to kind of know what ethnicity people are
and what their lineage is…what their family background is. So, when you get
into the science of it there’s no disputing that. So, based on what you know about me, my
channel, and things that I shared with you before, maybe these results will be
surprising to you. It’s interesting because they were not necessarily surprising to
me because, I’m a fairer skinned person…I have my locs now. But, before I did, I encountered
various instances where people asked me whether one of my parents were Caucasian
or some other ethnicity other than African-American, black…whatever
we’re called these days. So, whatever you feel comfortable with. But, I am not
Caucasian at least directly that way from either one of my parents. Both of them are
black. So, I wanted to share with you what 23andme the results from that are. So,
82.4% is Sub-Saharan African. So, a large concentration of that is West African so
the areas between Senegal to Nigeria and then I have 3% Central and
South African and then broadly Sub-Saharan African was another 3% so
82% of me just about is Sub-Saharan African ancestry. So, what makes up the rest of it? Almost
17%…18%? So, the rest is drumroll…European. North
Western European is the highest concentration of that grouping. Which is
British-Irish and then some broadly North Western European ancestry. There’s
also a little bit of Southern European and broadly European in that
mix too. So, 16.3% is European British-Irish. So, it gives about 1%
left in this gumbo. What is that last 1%. So, there’s
. 9% that is classified as East Asian/ Native American. So, the Native American
component is .4%, Southeast Asian .4% and then broadly East Asian
and Native American is .1%. So, trace amounts of that and then it’s a .1% trace amount of broadly Middle Eastern and North African. So, kind of a
hodgepodge of things. But, essentially largely Sub-Saharan African with a good
amount, 15% – 16% or so that’s European. So, when I received
those results, it wasn’t really surprising to me. But, it was
interesting to some, even my family. Because, of what they felt our organs are/
were. So, this is a…I think this not the be all to end all. It’s a great starting
point to kind of understand more about yourself and take it as it makes
sense to you and your family’s history. I think this again is a good first step. So, really understanding who you are
really digging deeper into the origins of you and your family. I have a
greater level of consciousness about things. So, the information here
can be helpful. But, again it is a great first step. It also gives you information about
haplogroups and deeper scientific genetic makeup in terms of
predisposition for health issues and other things. Of course we have
some interesting neighbors. So, you might hear the kids outside playing or
screaming like banshees or whatever they want to do right now. But that won’t disturb
my conversation with you. If you are curious about having your ancestry tested, I recommend doing it. 23andme is just one company… is another. If that’s something that you’re interested in, I
encourage you to do so. I’d like to hear from you guys. If you’ve had any of the
testing done. Or friends and family have done so…and you found something surprising about that…
or not so surprising about that… comment below. I’d like to hear from you as well.
As always please do…I love the interaction. Like, share, subscribe and
just let me know if you’re taking a similar journey and what you think about
these DNA ancestry tests. That is what I had to share with you guys today. I
look forward to coming back with a new video soon. I am averaging like a video every other day.
So, I definitely will be back real soon and will definitely get to those top 10
list that i was talking about. And as I’m going down the road and
understanding more about myself genetically, scientifically as well, I
recently took a look at my blood type. Does blood type matter in terms of diet, your
health composition, and overall connection with others of the same blood
type? So, I’ll share that with you as well and continue building on here and hearing
back about things that are helping with your journey as well. Until
then, be well and peace!


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