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(upbeat music) – When I received the results for my test, it was kind of a surreal moment. It was almost like I was meeting myself for the very first time. – I just want to say thank you so much for making an awesome product—and helping people like me fill in
the blanks to their lives. – My grandmother passed away years ago, but to meet her first cousin in Ireland, and have her welcome me
and the rest of the family was just incredible. – It feels like I’ve found another member of our family and it’s really
exciting when that happens. – One of the biggest
surprises was that I found out I’m 25% Native American. I had no idea. – It was very emotional,
it was very exciting, and it makes me appreciate life much more. – That’s when you know who you are, and know where you came from, you can walk outside and
keep your head up high and say thank ya. (relaxing music)


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