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I was literally so … excited and amazed and … Ah! I still am! I’m still recovering. I’m still processing. It feels like it’s changed um, how I see myself. I didn’t know how I was going to feel today, um, but it’s a really positive thing and I feel really, um, like it’s given me something that I didn’t have before. I’ve always felt sort of a real affinity with other European countries and I just feel so excited about those. Or, you know, not just the Europe… 10 different… ahh! I find it really exciting to think that that’s all, that’s all there, and that you can find all this out from a DNA test. It’s just, um, it feels very freeing actually. I feel like I want to just go do loads of exploring about all these different nationalities that I’ve got in me! I’ve never actually been to Italy and I’ve always wanted to go. I think the culture and the food and the beauty and, and the Spanish is really exciting too. I mean, the Greece. All of it! Everything. And the Scandinavian? I just, would of, I was really surprised about that because I’m dark. It feels like it’s unlocked something deep inside me and I really wasn’t expecting that response. I though, ‘Oh that’d be interesting to find out’, um But I do feel different. I do feel, um…. like it’s gone quite deep, actually.

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