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At Ancestry, privacy is
always our top priority – and that extends to
how we handle requests from law enforcement
and government agencies. To safeguard our
customers’ privacy from government intrusion,
we follow these guidelines: First, Ancestry does not
voluntarily cooperate with law enforcement. Our services are intended
to help our customers on their journeys of personal discovery,
and not as an investigative tool for the government. This commitment is part of the
reason that Ancestry does not support third party DNA
data uploads to its system as part of its services. In addition, Ancestry requires
that all governmental requests must meet constitutional
due process requirements. In other words, all legal rules
protecting the rights of our customers must be followed. That means we won’t even
consider turning over DNA data without a court order. Even then, our legal team will
review the order to make sure it meets our
requirements and policies. And, whenever possible,
we’ll work to minimize its scope to protect the privacy
of our customers. Unless legally prevented
from doing so, Ancestry’s general policy
is to notify impacted users of such government requests before turning over
any information. We also publish
a Transparency Report that lists our law enforcement requests
by type and jurisdiction. You can find it through
the link in our Privacy Center. We know your privacy
is important to you. That’s why it’s
so important to us.


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