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What?! It was a surprise, that’s for sure! For me it’s really important to understand Pete’s family, where they came, from because essentially that’s what we pass on to … To our kids. Yeah, to our kids, to our future family. Pete and I are recently engaged. We’ve been together … five years? Five years now. Yeah, it’s been a good five years! I’m originally from Fiji. Born and raised in Fiji. My Grandfather was a Chief of that island. I was born in Sydney, lived here ever since. My family is originally from Serbia overseas, or former Yugoslavia I think you
call it. My skin isn’t as dark as some of the Fijian’s that run around the village. I’m not 100% sure on my real Dad. My parents broke up. I know that I’m half Fijian half Tongan but the rest of it is shrouded in mist. Most of the stories that we hear
about our Grandparents and how they
all came to Australia, they’re all shared over family meals during Easter and Christmas. It’s kind of interesting to know, I guess, where your past came from. There’s definitely a lot of stories going around in our family about … I’m not 100% sure. Lets do it! Yeah, lets do it! So you’re 63% Eastern European, that’s … no surprises
there. Yep, knew that. Now what’s that sweet you like eating? It’s a delight. Turkish delight? 11%? 11% Turkish. And he’s a surprising one for you … you’re 7% Jewish European. Ohhh. 1% Middle Eastern. What? Oh my gosh! Ready? Okay, your
results, so … the strong Polynesian genes coming through … 59% confirmed. But … there’s China, China? Taiwan. 9%, which is quite a high percentage, was Scandinavian. Scandinavian? What the? So that would also make you a Viking, if you think about it. We both have the Iberian Peninsula, Which is? so there’s a crossover. Portugal, Spain kind of region. Are we related? So you know that none of your Mum’s family comes from this area, so this must be your biological Dad’s influence, or his family side. It’s almost finishing off the story, if that makes sense? There’s a whole history, as a person, before you meet someone, but then you also want to find out their history before you pass it on to the next generation, or your children. Yeah. it’s kind of nice doing it together. Making a decision like marriage, you kind of want to know what you’re
in for, if that makes sense? You want to know everything about the person before saying yes! So absolutely, I think now is the perfect time to do it. I think as well it defines what it means to be Australian you’re not just one culture, it’s a mix of everything. It’s exciting you know. It would be interesting to see what our kids look like. Yeah! Our future children. I’m really glad that you said yes to doing this testing. Yeah it’s been a lot of fun learning a little bit more about each other!

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