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No way. [Laughs] No way. That’s so cool, I’m actually at a loss for words. I’m kind of just cutting all of my ties in Australia and just opening myself up to the rest of the world. I think especially in your twenties, it’s the
perfect time to find out a little bit more about yourself before your decide to settle anywhere. Part of the reason that I want to travel is
that I’d love to go back to these places where my family come from. I kind of almost don’t culturally identify myself in any particular way. I just … am. I can’t really pinpoint where I’m from. I
usually say I am German / Ukrainian-ish. I’m generally just quite confused! Have you ever felt like you belonged anywhere though? Oh, what a deep question!? We really, really want to know for a fact
where we’re from so we can hold on to something. My Step-Father who has now also adopted me, is Armenian, so I think it would mean the world to him if there was a connection too. You have to spit in a tube? You do. OK. It’s absolutely a bit of a self discovery
journey for me because I think I know where I’m from, but I feel like I’m from somewhere
else. I can’t foresee any surprises in the results
but I guess that’s why they’re surprises … because you don’t expect them. Done! So are you ready for your results? You’re literally from everywhere! 21% East Asian. Yeah that’s a lot more than I thought it was. You are also 13% Western European. Western European? Yeah – from France or Germany. I mean look, I’m so European [laughs], so that’s why I have to go there … right?! Like I’m being called home to the motherland. OK here we go, we’ll start with the bigger
one. 42% Eastern European. That makes sense. 35% European Jewish … wow! 5% British – wow, I don’t know where that
comes from. You were really looking to share some connection with you Step-Father. Yes I was. And so you have that, in the Caucasus, which is where Armenia is from. Amazing! That makes me very happy from all of the results! Armenia – yeah, perfect! The thing that’s changed is how I respond
to people asking me where I’m from. I feel like coming back to my Eastern European roots. I feel so much more Eastern European than I ever did. I would really like to go back to the Urkraine. And would you travel more around as well? To other places that you didn’t know? Yeah – I’ll explore Armenia for example. It’s so nice to feel like there’s more than one place that you belong to while you travel. I never had any concrete plans for where I was going to travel, so I guess this kind of just opens me up. I definitely would now want to go to Norway – it’s just a part of me that I had no idea was part of who I was. Yeah – exactly. I think at our age, sort of mid-twenties, I think it’s really, really good age to do it, because you can devote your time to really finding out more about yourself.


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