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– [Woman] Your DNA plays a big
part in defining who you are. It contributes to many
of your personal traits and can even unlock family
mysteries from your distant past. It’s unique to you, which is why Ancestry
treats it with the care and respect it deserves. If you’re wondering how,
well, we’re glad you asked. Using only a small saliva sample, we analyze your DNA using
state of the art science giving you details about
your ethnic origins. And our extensive DNA database connects you to living relatives around the world. All this can guide your journey
of self discovery in new, exciting directions, sometimes
in ways you never imagined. From the moment you send
your Ancestry DNA kit to us, we employ industry
standard security measures built into every stage or our process, and work to protect your data
and give you control over it. This includes data
encryption, secure databases, and easy to use controls for
your data, just to name a few. So whether it’s your ethnicity
results, online profile, personal information, or
your DNA sample itself, you can trust us to treat
your data carefully, giving you control every step of the way. We are hard at work behind
the scenes to ensure your security and privacy, yet, we keep things simple for you. All you need is an Ancestry DNA kit and an Ancestry account to
view your test results online. We really can’t think of an easier, safer, more trusted way to discover
more about yourself, your past, and what makes you, you. (lighthearted instrumental music)


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